Art Bell Has Died

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    As a teenager, I couldn't get enough of Coast to Coast AM. Yeah, there was a LOT of crazy talk, but there were more than a few late nights in the middle of nowhere (particularly flying over the North Atlantic in pitch darkness) when I had thoughts of "what's REALLY out there?!?". I didn't really enjoy the show as much once George Noory took over, but on occasion would hear Art on the "Midnight in the Desert" show.

    They are going to do an autopsy, but I think it was probably something to do with his COPD. A month before his death, he sold his primary home to Heather Wade (current host of Midnight in the Desert) who was living in a house next door to his primary home. The property is a sight to see...there are all sorts of antenna arrays there.
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    And he died on Friday the 13th.

    {Cue Twilight Zone theme}