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Legal gun owners under cloud as District Attorneys defy Texas Legislature

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February 26, 2007

Legal gun owners under cloud
as District Attorneys defy Texas Legislature

Law abiding handgun owners who carry their gun in their car may still face arrest or confiscation of the gun because many district attorneys have refused to implement a law passed by the legislature last session over their opposition.

“It appears that some District Attorneys, and the District Attorney’s Association, think that they are above the law,†said James Dark of the Texas State Rifle Association. “The law is now very clear that a person who is not a criminal can carry a handgun in the car, but District Attorneys have instructed police officers to ask a litany of invasive and unneeded questions, or even just make an arrest or confiscate the gun. If officers follow these instructions, they will clearly violate the rights of Texans carrying guns legally.â€

An unusual coalition of gun rights, criminal justice and constitutional rights groups today released a study of the state’s implementation of HB 823, a new gun law clarifying a driver’s rights. The coalition filed hundreds of open records requests for any directives issued by District Attorneys to their local police departments.

“We launched this study because we had indications from the Texas District and County Attorneys Association itself that they were not ready to accept the passage of this new law,†said report author Scott Henson of the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. “They want to position themselves as tough on crime, but they are willing to sacrifice the rights of law abiding citizens. We saw what they said publicly, and wanted to find out what they were actually telling police officers.â€

The coalition found that some DAs are telling police departments to investigate gun owners using procedures developed before this law passed, when the status of “traveling†with a gun was unclear. One County Attorney advised police officers to arrest for “unlawful carrying†as before and let the prosecutor’s office “sort out the legal niceties.â€

“Our study found that some officers have been instructed to ask motorists where they are

coming from and where they are going and how long they’ve been on the road,†said Henson. “They have been told to look in the car for groceries or luggage. It simply doesn’t matter whether you have groceries or luggage in your car, or whether you drove a mile or 500 miles.â€

“These roadside investigations of law abiding Texans are unnecessary, intrusive, and could be unconstitutional,†said Will Harrell of the ACLU of Texas. “Especially since it appears that a Texan’s freedom to drive with a gun in the car may still vary from county to county—the exact problem that this new law should have fixed.â€

“We strive for the greatest clarity in the law so that law abiding citizens and police officers will both understand and abide by that law,†said Ana Yanez Correa, Executive Director, Criminal Justice Coalition. “We are happy to work with the District Attorneys to ensure that they fully understand motorist’s rights under the law and respect those rights.â€

“The intent of the new law is clear,†said Dark, “but the coalition will support legislation to make it even more clear that law abiding Texans can carry a handgun in the car, if necessary. And we hope that the District Attorneys will learn that it’s not their job to enforce the laws they wish were passed by the legislature, but only the ones that are actually on the books.â€

HB 1815 was filed last week to address the problem. For more information on HB 1815, contact the capitol office of Representative Carl Isett, 463-0676.

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You have got to be Sh**ing me. This is both enraging and disgusting.
The time is coming closer and closer for the American people to take back our country. DA's telling police dept. to VIOLATE the civil rights of citizens without cause, WTF!!!!!! As well as ignoring OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES LEGISLATION!

*edited by me for bad choice of words* :cantsay:

I'm sorry just a little agitated right now.
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