Arrest Made in Missing 911 Operator Case

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    Are these charges in relation to the missing woman case or something different.

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    Link not working?
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    Just in case anyone missed it on the news today, they found her remains Monday.
    Not posting a link, but a search of Theresa Parker will give you all the information.

    A farmer in Holland/Chattoogaville (yes, you will hear banjo's if you get within ten miles), although most stories are saying Lyerly, stumbled across her jawbone and and the local SO and GBI found the rest. The area is located off a dirt road in a very lightly traveled area close to the Chattooga River, within earshot of the Alabama line.

    When they release the details of the find, I'll be interested to see if she was in the woods the entire time, or if the river flooding badly this time last year might have located her there.