Armed Homeowner To Burglar: You're A Dead Man

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    Oct 3, 2007 7:30 pm US/Pacific

    Armed Homeowner To Burglar: You're A Dead Man

    After three break-ins in the three months, a Sacramento man had had enough. When a burglar showed up at his Sacramento home last night he pulled out a gun and started firing shots.

    “I'm always packing a gun, it's crazy,â€
    said Rob, victim of home break-in.

    Always carrying a gun because this is the third time in three months, Rob's home has been broken into. One window is still boarded up from the last time it happened.

    “Why me? I don't know,†said Rob. “There are no street lights out here; it's pretty desolate.â€

    And it was pretty quiet early this morning until around 3:15 a.m. when a burglar broke his living room window and climbed in. Little did he know Rob heard the noise and was inside waiting.

    “So I step out from behind the wall and say ‘you're a dead man.’ He screams as loud as he can, drives through the window and takes off running,†said Rob.

    He ran so fast he left his car in the driveway, the engine still running.

    “Yeah he was in a rush for some reason,†said Rob.

    Rob shot the burglar's car a couple times but the burglar got away untouched.

    Luck ran out for the suspect a couple of hours later when deputies caught Matthew Villapando only a short distance away.

    “It's better he got caught because he would be in a grave,†said Rob.

    Instead he's in jail. Despite that, rob, will continue to keep his weapons close, just in case.

    “I think that people just know that they have the right to protect themselves, and they’re exercising that right,†said Sgt. Tim Curran, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

  2. budder

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    He shot while the guy was fleeing and the Sheriff didn't complain? :eek:

    I think I like this guy.
  3. Macktee

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    BIG difference between Sacramento and Philadelphia!

    Who whudda thunk it?

    Isn't Sacramento in California? What's going on here???

  4. GunNut

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    Uh, no...that seems like a really bad idea. First thing he should have heard was a gun shot or 5.

    hummm...spend more tax out in a matter of months most likely...and probably resume his criminal activities.....
  5. jgullock

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    Yeah, that was stupid. He should have fired and THEN said "Hey, you're dead".
  6. budder

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    "Why you gots to bleed all over mah floor?"
  7. Sharky

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    Well I guess there is a small ray of hope in that state.........maybe.....
  8. phaed

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    wasted words. bullets aren't that expensive.