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Armed Citizen Saves Two Cops!

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This is two weeks old now, but too good to pass up.

Officer Wounded, 3 Dead In Interstate Shootout

DALLAS - Three people were killed and a Dallas police officer wounded in a bizarre shootout on Interstate 35 early Sunday morning.

Police were called to a “major accident†on the interstate about 2:15 a.m. When they arrived, they found two people suffering bullet wounds, laying on the freeway several yards apart, police said.

As two officers were trying to help the victims, someone fired on them, striking Cpl. Jerry Poston, a 17-year veteran of the force, police said.

As Poston’s partner frantically called for help, several passersby stopped to assist. They, too, were fired on. One of those passersby returned to his car, grabbed a handgun and shot down the suspected gunman, police said.

Poston was listed in serious but stable condition at Methodist Central Hospital in Dallas, police said.

Detectives remained on the scene late Sunday morning, still trying to sort out exactly what happened and identify the people killed. All were men, they said.

Police also said they recovered a shotgun at the scene.

Southbound I-35 remained shut down between Oak Lawn Avenue and Colorado Boulevard at 8:15 a.m. Sunday. Source
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I know this will probably sound funny to some who read it, but I will state it anyway. Anytime I pass a traffic stop on the road I proceed with extra caution, especially at night. In Georgia it the law that you must slow down and, if reasonably safe, to move over a lane. The other reason I slow down and proceed slowly is to make sure the officer looks as if to have the situation under control and is safe. I am not in any way questioning the fact that he can handle himself. However, I have cop friends and I am reasonably sure if they were faced with a situation like the one in Dallas they would appreciate another friendly watching their back. I would NEVER get involved beyond calling 911 unless they were under direct fire.
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