Are you guys aware of the crap going on with Fulton Co jail?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by tace, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. tace

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    My previous neighbour who will hopefully be picked up on some Federal Fraud charges was sentenced to 6 months for parole violation. They let him serve 1 week and called it time served.

    They almost managed to kill a witness; ... 0626a.html

    Oh, and they have been found shredding documents covering up complaints and violations they supposed to submit to a court appointed auditor. The sheriff wanted the auditor to be relieved cause he didn't like him.
  2. Macktee

    Macktee New Member

    What are you trying to say? That our totally incompetent sheriff is totally incompetent?

    No surprise here...

    Apparently he ran for office because his welfare and/or unemployment was running out.

    What a doofus! Unfortunately, a doofus in an important job and so far over his head he can't even see daylight! I keep waiting for the federal judge to take over the place and kick his sorry ass out.

  3. legacy38

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    While his resume does have a sense of expedient politicism, it is fairly impressive.

    While I'm confident he has created many of his own problems, nobody could have walked in there and cleaned up the mess left by his predecessor.

    He may not be ideal, but he is an improvement.
  4. M249

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    I'd ask the state to provide some temps, and I'd fire every last person working at the jail.

    Want your job? Reinterview.