Are we going to be thrown a bone this year?

Discussion in 'Previous Bills' started by GAGunOwner, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Or you introduce Bills that make these seem tame by compairison.

    That way once the AJC gets distracted on other things, you slip the rest under their radar.

    I believe the scientific term is "rope-a-dope" :twisted:

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    The year isn't over yet . . . :whistle:


    It has barely started! There is more to come. In fact, there are links on this forum to news articles about bills that have not yet been filed, like this one, and there are more in the works than have been mentioned in news stories.


    And each of us needs to do things individually as well. These are rhetorical questions, not aimed at the original poster.

    Have you contacted your state representative?

    Have you contacted your state senator?

    Do you even know who these people are?

    Have you made an appointment and met them?

    Have you joined any groups working on liberty relating to the right to keep and bear arms in Georgia?




    If not, why not? I mean, GCO is only fifteen bucks. There are forum users here who have posted available discounts for joining NRA as well.

    Have you pressured friends and family to join any of these organizations?

    How many letters to the editor have you written on firearms issues this year?

    If the legislators do not know this is an issue, and how can they unless you make noise, then they will assume this is an unimportant issue, and they will pay attention to the issues that voters have insisted are important.
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