Are Tracer Rounds Legal To Buy/Have in GA?

Discussion in 'GA Laws and Politics' started by Vix, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Vix

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    Are Tracer Rounds Legal To Buy/Have in GA? I was thinking about getting some of them, if they do not get me into some trouble.
  2. Wiley

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    Most ranges won't allow you to use them because of the fire hazard. I don't believe the state regulates them as I've seen them for sale a shows. The Feds might have regulation on certain types of tracers but I don't know.

  3. jeepsterwannabe

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    there is a guy who shoots at our outdoor range shoots tracers all the time
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    :launcher: :woohoo:
  5. gunsmoker

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    Where to Use 'Em?

    Shooting rifle tracers at 100 yards is not as satisfying as I had envisioned. The bullet moves so fast, it's just a flash of light that's gone in a second. Unless, of course, it ricochets off your backstop (the one you thought "absorbed" the bullets) and flys up and into the next ZIP code.

    Pistol rounds have lower velocity and much wider base with more burning material exposed, so they're fun at 50 yards or more. But I think 300 yards of distance is the minimum range to really enjoy seeing the rifle bullets fly.

    Now, where can you shoot long ranges with a good backstop where there is little or no fire hazard? Not many places. I shot most of my tracers in a rock quarry and a sand pit, with huge piles of crushed stone and sand as backstops. And a lot more rounds bounced off them than I'd expected.
  6. M249

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    What is really fun is seeing:

    M1 Tracers
    M2 Tracers (both Ma Deuce and the BFV)
    M240 Tracers
    M249 Tracers
    M16/M4 Tracers
    AN/GAU-8 Tracers

    On a 3000+ Meter range in the desert in CA at night...

    It's like watching a scene from Star Wars in person.

    Here's the light boys doing one:

    It just ain't the same without the big dogs sending APDS-T downrange :)
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    I have been on the range many times when tracers have started rather large brush fires. During Machine Gun shoots at Camp Lejuine and Quantico.

    And about watching the tracers bounce, tumble and roll. I don't think just the tracers do that. I think all rounds do that. It's just that you can actually see the tracers doing it and the after effects.