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Are these off limits

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I am sure these issues have been addressed before, but I just want to make sure. I do have a GFL. 1. If I park at the airport in one of the lots (hourly, daily and economy) and leave my gun in the that in vioaltion? 2. When I park on campus for a UGA football game and leave my gun in the I in violation? Just trying to make sense of all of this. Thanks.
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Two questions on this thread

(1) The statute makes an exception that a GFL holder may carry while picking a student up from school. Would that exception apply to picking up one's spouse (or mother, father, brother, sister) who is a teacher, etc.? The law literally says "student," but you would hope a court/cop would use some common sense. MP, I said "hope" not "I'm sure common sense would prevail."

(2) If firearms are prohibited in the airport terminal and in the parking lot, is anyone who checks a firearm for a flight technically breaking the law before they check their baggage and after they pick it up?

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