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Are these good prices?

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I'm torn on some choices for my next "toy" because the prices seem very good, are they? All new:

S&w m&p .45 acp with night sights (compact or full-size) 525?

Kahr cw45 $435

ARs: all come with hard case adjustable stock and 1 30rd mag and all new.

bushmaster Orc $774

RRA w/ hogue grip and moe stock $819

S&w m&p 15a $849

S&w 15a tactical - front and rear flip, quad rail, $1100

I would eventually like to have a deep conceal weapon with power like a kahr45, and I would like to have an AR for SHTF.

I jus can't tell if these are really good prices or avg.

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The Bushmaster is pretty spectacular!
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