AR15 removable trigger guard

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  1. Malum Prohibitum

    Malum Prohibitum Moderator Staff Member

    Some AR15s come with a solid trigger guard cast into the lower receiver. Some come with a removable trigger guard.

    I take it there is no simple and inexpensive way to take a solid cast lower and convert it to a removable trigger guard.

    That's a question more than a statement.
  2. Wegahe

    Wegahe NRA Instructor

    Correct answer to the question. While it can be done it will not be easy nor inexpensive.

    The easiest and least expensive way to correct the defect would be to purchase a stripped lower and use the LPK from the lower you have then just purchase the trigger guard and install it on the new lower.
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  3. MLS 4506

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    Just out of curiosity why do you want to install a removable trigger guard
  4. Malum Prohibitum

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  5. moe mensale

    moe mensale Well-Known Member

    Appears MP wants to install a Digi Trigger assembly (fires once on pull and once on release of trigger). The Digi Trigger trigger is longer than a standard trigger to accept a spring at the bottom end that connects the trigger to the components in the grip. The standard trigger guard doesn't have enough clearance to allow proper function. It looks like they supply their own specially designed trigger guard that solves that issue.
  6. Hombre

    Hombre PITA

    ^^ That is what I would have guessed. Either that, or there are trigger guards that are more round in shape, "hanging" down lower, to better allow a gloved finger to fit in there. I have one of those, just in case I ever need it.
  7. 45_Fan

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    If there is enough meat on the lower, it can be done with a drill and a file. Mask it off with tape and take your time.

    If there isn’t enough meat, then the integral guard could be filed out, additional aluminum could be brazed in, then filed to fit. If you pay someone to do it, a new lower would be cheaper. If you do it yourself, files/torch/brazing rod aren’t terribly expensive but it’ll be slow and tedious.
  8. MWAG

    MWAG Active Member

    Never heard it referred to as "removable trigger guard"...
    it's always been called a winter trigger guard because you can employ it when you have on big gloves
  9. moe mensale

    moe mensale Well-Known Member

    That's what Digi Trigger calls it. Nothing more than the standard mil-spec AR-15 trigger guard.

    A winter trigger guard can't be utilized with the Digi Trigger trigger either because the rear portion is the same as the standard trigger guard. It doesn't have the clearance to allow that special connector spring to fit. The rear of the Digi Trigger trigger guard has a deeper channel and is held on by two screws instead of the standard single roll pin.

    BTW, the standard trigger guard can function like a winter trigger guard in an emergency by depressing the front detent and folding the trigger guard back against the grip.