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The best bang for the buck in new red dot optics right now is the Aimpoint C3. It's the same as the M/ML 2and 3 series but you can't take it scuba diving or run night vision with it (like the MLs). I've been lucky and run across great deals on used Aimpoints, usually with Larue mounts. As for mounts, the Larue's are the way to go. I subscribe to the buy once, cry once philosophy and it hasn't let me down yet. I've played with Eothingy's, but they're finnicky and aren't the most reliable long term with usage. Sitting in a safe anything will work.

For lights I will admit I'm a Surefire snob. I think the X300 is one of the best all around weapons lights in existence. I've run them on pistols, carbines and seen them on shotguns. Their size, output, run time and switches make it pretty hard to match. Again, used ones can be found at good prices if you look hard enough. I've had one mounted an inch from the muzzle on a 10.5" SBR for quite some time now with no issues. If you're on a budget for lights, the Surefire G2 and a VTAC mount is the best way to go. They're both cheap, rugged and work. The VTAC mount allows for a variety of ways to mount to a rail system. For a short rail, it's what I'd recommend.

The camera battery is charging but I'll try and get pictures of the X300 and G2 setups to see what I'm talking about.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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