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    Need opinions on AR-15 Optics.

    I currently have a Red Dot Scopes (RDS) on my AR. Haven’t shot it in a while and when I took it out I checked to see if the battery was dead and sure enough it was. Not only was it dead but the battery contact was corroded. This RDS would have been useless if I needed it and I have never really liked RDS for this very reason.

    I have looked off and on for a while for a zero magnification etched reticle optic (that may or may not be illuminated) that will work no matter what. I haven’t really found anything like that. I have found 1X etched reticle optics but the problem with them is the eye relief is not unlimited. Is this even the best way to go or should I go with a little magnification (i.e. 3X)

    There are some of the optics I have looked at:

    Vortex Spitfire Prism Scope:

    Burris AR Prism Scope:

    Athlon Prism Scopes:

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Glad you found out this way and not in an emergency.

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    Vortex makes some relatively good optics and have a great warranty. I don't have any first hand experience with their red dot optics though.

    My preference for red dot sights is Aimpoint. Yes, they are expensive, but worth it in my opinion. My personal rifle has an Aimpoint T-1 on it. The stated battery life is 50,000 hours. I have had it on my rifle for 3 years with the optic turned on to a mid-range brightness setting and it stays on 24/7 it has not died yet.

    If the T-1/T-2 is too expensive go for the Aimpoint PRO. The Aimpoint ACO is also a decent option but doesn't have quite as long on the battery life.
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    Any under $100? For us poor guys out in the world.