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  1. I'm going to be using my AR in the upcoming 600 yard rifle match.

    My twist rate is 1-8 which i think is plenty, i heard that you have to have a heavy grain so the wind doesn't rape your shots.

    Any one know the minumum grain and where i can get some? Its fun but not fun enough to just waste money on so no expenisve match ammo.

    worse case i'll use my 91/30 no scope but the thought hurts my shoulder.
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    The pros shoot 77gr match ammo.

    The problem you will run into with with cheap ammo is it is good for maybe 4 moa at 300 yds+. At 600 yds thats a built in error of 6x4 = 24". Basically a bench rest group will span 24" with no error for wind. Your 1x8 twist might be good for up to a 65gr bullet you could try heavier and see what happens. Try a box of match ammo and put some effort into it. You might get hooked.