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My son want's a AR for X-Mas. I would like info on some. He has shot the Smith and wesson AR and seems to like it. We will be in Athens this week and he want's to go to Clydes armory. I have no clue as to what to look for in this type of firearm. Chrome barrell, and such. Any info would be of great help, thank's.
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"The Chart" can be confusing for the uninitiated. The Smith and Wesson is a great gun for home protection, taking classes and believe numerous LEOs have selected them. If your son is a contractor headed to the sand box, you may want to consider Colt, Noveske, Daniel Defense, etc. I have had several ARs, currently own a Smith and can tell you that they are realiable and use quality components.
Clyde's usually has some outstanding prices on Colt 6920's & 6940's and other good quality rifles. Colt, LMT, Noveske, Daniels Defense, Bravo Company USA (BCM), Larue Tactical, Knight's Armament Corp. are all top quality rifles. S&W is a very good carbine backed by great support from the company. They do not make them to "The Chart's" full spec but they are decent reliable guns. I have a M&P-15T that I've shot the snot out of and killed a truckload of hogs with. If you want to get him an awesome S&W get him the VTAC edition. It's pretty much their top of the line model but you can find it for $1300-$1500 with very little effort. It's tricked out with everything he'll need except an optic. If your budget is tight but you still want to get him something nice you may want to look into the MAGPUL MOE edition. They're usually a little less than $1000.

I'd avoid any AR without a pinned gas block. Almost all of the "optics ready" models you'll find in stock in gun stores around here will have either a low profile or railed gas block that is secured by set screws only. Set screws can come loose and will lead to malfunctions and eventually a deadlined gun. Rifles with the standard front sight post are pinned on. These rarely come loose by themselves and do not interfere with your sight picture nearly as much as most people seem to think.
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Thank's for the info. I now have the low down on what to look for in the choice.
Check the Bushmaster rifles also. I would avoid the ones with a receiver made of "carbon" plastic. They are good rifles.
I have the S&W MP-15OR, and have been very happy with it for what I paid (~$599 new). It has a pinned gas block with the upper rail. I added some Troy Flip Down Battle Sights to it, and it is good to go until I decide on what I want optics-wise.
mygunstoo said:
Check the Bushmaster rifles also. I would avoid the ones with a receiver made of "carbon" plastic. They are good rifles.
I'd avoid Bushhamster normally and especially right now. Cerebrus Capital aka. The Freedom Group which owns Bushmaster, Remington, etc.... has announced that they are closing the Bushmaster plant in Maine and laying off pretty much everybody. I, for one, do not want a substandard (on a good day) rifle that may have been built by a bunch of pissed off depressed folks who knew their jobs were going away. Their service and warranty department along with everything else is moving to Ilion, NY at the Remington Plant. Lord only knows what that's going to mean to folks needing service & repair. No thank you.
:shock: Wow, I did not know that. I bought mine several years ago.

Can't take anything for granted these days. :(
Thinking about the Daniel Defense model M4V4, opinions please. Thank's.
MRD said:
Thinking about the Daniel Defense model M4V4, opinions please. Thank's.
Nice choice. If that's what you or your son likes go for it!

I'm more partial to the lightweight barreled midlength models myself. The carbine gas system is harsher on all of the parts because the gas tube is shorter and therefore the gas pressure is higher and the temp higher. Keep in mind that you're still talking 3-5k rounds before you need to start looking at springs, bolts, and gas rings to see if they need service or replacement. 98% of folks never ever get close to that round count.

I'm getting lazy in my old age and don't like tromping across the farm with a heavy rifle. The LW barreled carbines seem to handle quicker and more like a M-1 carbine which is sort of my gold standard for a nice handling rifle. Unless you're going to use a suppressor a lot or mounting it on a full auto lower to do multiple mag dumps the LW barrel will work fine. YMMV.

If you or your son's heart is set on the carbine go for it without reservation. You'll be getting a great carbine. Later you can always get another different one. That's why they call it Black Rifle Disease. :lol:
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I have a Bushmaster M-4 a with Trijicon reflex sight. It shoots great, no problems.
Picked up the DDM4V5 today, went with the heavy barrel and mid gas system. It shoot's nice, not as heavy as I thought. Thank's for the help with our first evil black rifle.
Good choice with the DD. Their guns are pretty hard to beat for the money right now. I've seen the V5s locally for $1200. It's pretty hard to beat a top tier AR that's loaded out for that price.
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