Applying for Disability

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    Welp, it's become obvious that my condition has deteriorated to the point where a walk of a hundred yards leaves me gasping for oxygen and even standing for 10 minutes is pretty wearying. I'm applying for disability.

    Earlier today I was on the net looking at procedures and advocates, a lawyer experienced in the process. I thought I had a firm lined up and did a telephonic interview. It was going swimmingly until the last few questions which pricked the hairs on the back of my neck.
    "What is your mother's maiden name?" and "What city were you born in?"

    Neither seemed a question germane to a lawyer arguing for disability, but rather something some shady neeblewumber might need to hack a bank account for something he'd been denied or something equally nefarious. I ended the call and said I'd changed my mind.

    Soooo.... Anyone have any advice on the process, a friend or attorney that might make a recommendation, or even accept the retainer?
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    All I can say is go with a lawyer, not an unlicensed disability advocate.
    Federal law says you don't need a law license or any state's bar membership to do certain kinds of claims processing or administrative advocacy, but I think having a real lawyer whose background has been investigated by the state and federal judiciary and bar fitness committees is worth a lot of peace of mind.

    Sorry to hear about your worsening condition.

  3. Phil1979

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    A disability lawyer will cost you thousands.

    If you are applying for Social Security Disability, I don't believe you really need a lawyer - just have all your ducks and paperwork in a neat row. If you get denied, you can then enlist a lawyer and appeal.

    This is just food for thought - take a look at all the filing requirements, and if not comfortable doing it yourself, then by all means lawyer up. But there are Internet forums where you can get a lot of help.
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    Get counsel. Paperwork and procedure are critical. You could do it on your own for the first stage, but if denied (which is likely) get counsel for the second and SURELY for the 3rd level if you have to go there. Any attorney fees are deducted from the "back pay" that builds up from the date of filing to the date of award. You should have no $$ out of pocket.

  5. Phil1979

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    A good physician who's willing to do a proper write-up of your conditions is critical.
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    My wife went disability 19 years ago for depression and a few other issues after our son died. No lawyer involved. Her doctor lined up the paperwork. He did a good job. She was approved first time around. Paper trail is very important.