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    The Appleseed Project has continued to double in size throughout the US every year since it was created almost five years ago. Unfortunately, Georgia has not steadily grown as fast as the rest of the country. I would think that almost every member of this board and GCO would have at least attempted at making it to an Appleseed at this point, but looking at the numbers and talking to the attendees, it appears that it is safe to say that less than 5% of us have made it out to an event.

    Is it poor advertising on Appleseeds part? Is it the cost? Is it a lack of understanding of what goes on at an Appleseed? Is it the fear you are gathering with others in a militia-type fashion? Is it because you don't own a rifle? Please help point out the flaws in the program, so we can reach more Americans.

    Personally, the answers to the questions above are:
    1) We could probably do a better job, we take advantage of boards like this one, try to supply gun stores, police departments, 4H programs and other shooting teams with our flyers and info. We will be at the Atlanta Expo show this weekend, which we are trying to make a habit, gun shows in general.
    2) Cost... First off, all women, people under 21, active duty LEO and Military, and any elected official all shoot FREE! That takes care of almost 50% of the population right there. If you don't fall in one of the categories, its only 70 dollars. I have been numerous times by the shooters that they got way more out of it than what they anticipated. Even in hard times, most of us can find $70 in our budget. If it is a genuine hardship on you, please contact me and I can possibly get a discount or a waiver of the fees.
    3) Basically an Appleseed includes a ton of marksmanship skills that are taught through out the weekend, with some incredibly moving stories of our heritage, specifically the events that unfolded on April 19, 1775.
    4) We do not encourage any type of militia organizations, instead we would rather see every American well trained to be proficient with a rifle out to 500 yards.
    5) If it is the rifle that is holding you up, we usually have at least 5 extra's on hand for shooters who have complications or simply because that was the one thing holding them back. Also, some people will hold off on attending until they have their rifle just how they want it. You need to learn how to shoot your rifle, in case you had to defend liberty tomorrow, so what are you waiting for?

    We are all volunteers that run the program, we are taking time away from our families and chores that we could be doing, because we all believe this is one of the last options that will save America. Our enemy is not a political party, but rather Apathy. Apathy is what is killing America today. We are not political, we only speak to liberty and freedom, not D's, R's, L's or I's at an Appleseed.

    Below are the dates for the events through the end of the year. Most of you probably know that these next few months are the most comfortable for shooting all day outdoors. We shoot rain or shine, blizzard or drought, so come on out and shoot with us. You can visit for more info, or ask me questions through the board.

    Month of October 2010
    Waco, GA - Oct 2-3
    Augusta, GA - Oct 16-17
    Toccoa, GA - Oct 23-24

    Month of November 2010
    Toccoa, GA - Nov 13-14
    Waco, GA - Nov 13-14

    Month of December 2010
    Waco, GA - Dec 11-12
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    none of those are near me...i plan on going in november to the one in st augustine

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    Thanks RM65, we are working on pushing into south Ga. We have a very active instructor that lives on St. Simmons and he has spent a majority of his weekends in Fl and Alabama. We have had a couple shoots in Hawkinsville, which is south of Macon. Keep an eye out on the site for another shoot there, hopefully we will have one arranged early next year. If it helps at all, every event I have been to, allowed free camping in some form or fashion. So, you can at least save on a room if it is a haul for you. I usually drive over 100 miles to an event and sleep in a tent or at another instructors house.
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    My guesses why this isn't as popular as it should be:

    1-- Long drive from where most people live (urban or suburban areas) to where the shooting is being done (way out in the boondocks). Gas is expensive and that's a lot of time to be on the road.

    2-- Cost of centerfire rifle ammo. I know you can do just .22's on Day One. Maybe some people don't. And a lot of people don't have .22 rifles or don't get satisfaction out of shooting 'em compared to a centerfire.

    3-- They think it's like a match, for experts to shot off their stuff, instead of a training clinic and fun group shoot where everybody improves.
    A lot of people don't think they're good enough for a competitive match, but they also think they already know everything they need to know about shooting and figure "training" or "coaching" is unnecessary.

    (I know that #3 above is false, but I've got a feeling that's what's in the back of a lot of people's minds.
    I've been to Appleseed and met nice people, learned a few things I didn't know before, and got some good shooting done.)