Appeals Court Upholds 13 year old arrest

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by RebSoldier21, Aug 1, 2016.

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    do the individuals that did this not bear any responsibility for their actions, regardless of what they are "authorize" to do by law?

  3. bdee

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    Next thing you know they'll be shooting people for broken tail lights (or probably just for being black), charging people money for not wearing a seatbelt or motorcycle helmet, criminalizing the inhalation of certain types of smoke, or what the hell they'll charge us to build a wall that won't stop a single person.

    These is the government Americans want, and keep voting for. The nanny state coming at you from the right and the left.
  4. Clark

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    I wish I were a cop in that cop's town. I'd make sure the next time he burped to haul him in for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct or whatever the catch-all is these days.
  5. CoffeeMate

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    Yeah see, the thing is... when you use cops as hallway monitors, er... "resource officers"... then ask them to "do something", chances are they will do something. They will use the tools they have at their disposal. Those tools are arrest, cuffs, weapons, etc.

    Once again we have that reliance on magic, in this case the "State as Parent" magic. Call the resource officer in to "fix the child", what were people expecting to happen?