APD says crime stats are down, as pistol sales climb

Discussion in 'In the News' started by USMC - Retired, Mar 15, 2007.

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    http://www.walb.com/Global/story.asp?S= ... v=menu37_3

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    But I thought tougher gun laws reduced crime, they even have statistics to support that.

    Thats usually what I hear after I explain why I am carrying.

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    So, 5 people shot in the last six days. Wow, I was concerned that this is alarming, since they compared the first two months of this year to last year. I feel much better now knowing that the city manager beleives in his statisticle probability for not getting shot.
    So if I do the math I guess there will only be 313 people shot this year, this takes into account that no shooting is allowed on Sunday. I'm sure the people of Albany will return their guns for a refund and sleep better knowing the cheif of police and city manager are statisticly watching out for their safety.
    Take care :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    The only comment I have is that when these type of things happen and lots of people suddenly go buy guns, I do kind of wish that Georgia residents HAVE to go to training before receiving a GFL.

    I've been at some gun stores when a really naive person is looking at a gun and it's kind of scary to think that the person could be carrying it without any training whatsoever.

    For example, I was at the range two weeks ago and an elderly gentleman came in with a few guns that he obviously had for some time...I got the chance to see them up close because his muzzle control was non-existent as he swept me an another guy when turning around. Not everyone is as careful or as knowledgeable as "we" are on this board.

    Okay...gimme a sec to put on my flame-retardant pants.
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    No flame

    Training is a good thing. Required training is a usually smokescreen to hide an anti gun bias.
  6. I agree, ber950. Let them buy and carry. Tell them to tell their friends to buy and carry. This is another way the sheeple can be brought into the light about gun ownership and the right to protect oneself and one's family. :wink:
  7. Gunstar1

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    That is why you need to print out flyers and drop them off at gun stores. That way we can educate the new gun owners.
  8. I did that two weekends ago, GS1. :wink:
  9. MLS 4506

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    maybe we should ask if we could post fliers at the probate court 8)
  10. You have covered the spectrum, GS1. All valid points. I still say let 'em buy and hopefully carry. If only 1 person out of every 10 that buy on impulse (due to an increase in crime in their particular area) go on to carry for a lifetime, 'tis better than none. This may encourage another down the line to do the same.
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    Great post GAGO.

    We are fortunate in Georgia not to have such strict requirements to obtain our GFLs. (We just have to wait and wait and wait! :evil: ) I have heard of some states that require you to qualify with one pistol and then you are only allowed to carry the same gun that you qualify with.
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    No Flame - but another point to consider

    Yes, there will always be idiots with guns. But the percentage is way lower than the percentage of idiots with driver's licenses (at least in metro Atlanta). I have seen the people who don't know how to handle a firearm. I have been "swept" by people in ranges. But I still tend to agree that we do not need mandatory training to buy a gun.

    I really like to see the knee jerk reaction to violent crime that causes people to run out and buy a gun for the first time. Why?? Because now this person has moved from being apathetic toward gun law to being a gun owner with a vested interest in what the state may do to affect their new property. In other words, they just came over to our side - or at least they have become potential supporters of our position.

    Secondly, their purchase gives us a great opportunity to show them the little "secret" that we shooters share - shooting is fun!! Many of these new owners are not going to spring for NRA (or other) training right off the bat. But we can invite them to go with us to the range, give them basic instruction in the four rules, cleaning, and shooting, etc. and get them started. The fun part of shooting will infect them just as it has infected all of us. I have made this offer to every new gun owner I have met - go with me to the range and let's go shooting. Ammo and lane rental are on me your first trip. Several have taken me up on the offer and let me tell you, folks, it is sheer joy to see the transformation that comes when the person realizes that the metal in their hand is just like the drill or circular saw they have in their garage - a tool to be respected, but not feared. And that tool is just as indispensable as the drill when you need it, and just as much fun to use when you are practicing with it. As they get more into the shooting sport, the odds are that they will go for advanced training of some sort.

    The best way to turn the attitude of an anti- or an apathetic fence-sitter around is to do it one person at a time. That is really our responsibility - to pass our love on to those around us and the next generation.

    Excuse me for getting so long winded. I am off the box now :soapbox:
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    and the people said AMEN
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    Hallelujah to that Bretheren and Sisteren!!!

    Now, it's time the pass the collection plate, or basket or hat or whatever vessel this particular "church" uses for that purpose.....

  15. I have an empty .357 Federal box. Will that do? :D
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    Yup, I think that an empty ammo box would be appropriate for this congregation ... or even an open rifle case ... lol