Anyones wife/GF a hairdresser from NY?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by BourneEBR, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    My wife and I moved from NY to here 2 months ago, and my wife is having a butt load of hangups with her license reciprocity and whatnot.

    Can anyone help out with some info? She already talked to the state boards and stuff, but the thing is that she has been a professional for over 4 years, and they are telling her that counts for nothing, so she has to start from the beginning, as if she just graduated. A little unfair, no?
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    My last haircut, worst ever, came from a lady that just moved here from NY. Reminded me of all the mafia movies' wives. I don't know who taught her to cut hair, but I've never seen her style before...and judging by how my hair is growing out... there's a reason why. Cutting, jibber jabbering about nothing, taking longer than it should... by the end of the ordeal, i felt I should have walked out of there wearing a jogging suit and got into a cadillac to drive away. Fuhgetaboutit.

    Sorry, I don't know much about hair.... but I got my hair cut last time at the Great Clips in Dawsonville on GA 400 across from the outlet malls (I usually avoid places like these, but my hair was on my last nerve and it was getting cut that day no matter who cut it and that was the only place I saw that cut hair in my travels that day..... maybe AV8R has a recommendation on a good barber in D'ville i haven't seen.) You might could call up to the place I got my hair cut and ask for the lady from NY and see what she did to be employable.... if she did it, your wife can do it.