Anyone want to toss around solutions for this problem?

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    Attacks Raise Fears in Subdivision

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    On the news last night that it was 10 break-ins in the same neighborhood. Police have stepped up patrols. If I were the police, I bet I could offer another option for those worried about these attacks. Strangely, no such advice....
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    Mr. Foshizzle, I'd like to solve the it.......Firearms?

  3. Malum Prohibitum

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    "No! We do not recommend that people carry firearms," said the police spokewoman with a gun on her belt and a backup .380 in the front pocket of her vest. "Someone could get hurt. We do not recommend that people take the law into their own hands. The odds are that a gun introduced in to the situation will only make matters worse."
  4. GeorgiaGlocker

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    I have a solution. If someone enters my house and attacks my wife (rape) or worse I will retrieve my Glock 19 or 26, slide my 33 round mag in and believe me I won't be in the mood to ask him his name or what he had for breakfast. This will defintely come as a :shock: to him.

    yeah I know the 33 may be going over board. That would be hard to explain. So maybe I would elect instead to use my standard mags instead. Yeah I probably would. But I sure would like to see his face though with that 33 sticking out the bottom of that 19 or 26.
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    My mom little just a few blocks from that neighborhood. It's nice and quiet, but there too many places for bad guys to hide. Most of the homes there have poor or little lighting outside and lots of large hedges that obstruct the view of doors and windows. I would recommend that the residents contact the public education officer at Gwinnett PD and have them make safety improvement recommendations. I would also recomend a burgular alarm , a 12 guage, and a couple of GLOCKS.
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    You forgot the pair of Dobermans. 8)
  7. Adam5

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    HHmmmmm I wonder how many Ft Lbs of energy my Mauser hits with across a room?
  8. Macktee

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    That damn cannon would go all the way thru the BG,

    thru the interior walls and,

    the exterior wall of your house,

    in, thru and out of the house next door

    and thru a couple of cars parked down the street.....!

    Before finally coming to rest somewhere in the next subdivision.

    Probably not the best choice for home defense...
  9. Adam5

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    Don't worry, I would use soft points and not the steel jacketed shells.
  10. gunsmoker

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    Not Good

    Soft-point hunting ammo in 8 x 57 or 7x 57mm Mauser is made for big-game hunting. The bullets are usually heavy, solidly constructed, and made to drive two feet deep through muscle and bone of a big elk or something of that sort. They penetrate way too much to be the best choice for home defense. And, I would think, that they would be too slow to expand for maximum energy transfer in the relatively thin human body. Especially if you had a hit that was not center-of-mass.

    Now if they made some Cor-Bon or Glaser defensive rounds in that caliber... or if you found some varmint ammo, throwing a 120-grain HP bullet downrange at over 3000 f.p.s..... THEN you might be able to reduce the overpenetration problem quite a bit.

    I'm not saying its patently unreasonable to use a deer rifle or old war relic for home defense. I'm just saying it's not the best choice. If I were one of your neighbors, I'd feel much safer if you had a shotgun with birdshot or small buckshot, or a pistol-caliber carbine, or a .223 loaded with lightweight HP varmint rounds.
  11. Adam5

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    Re: Not Good

    My main home defense is a 9mm Carbine and my Glock 17. I would have to run them out along with my PPK and my wifes XD-9 before reaching for the Mauser. I know what 7.65 x 54 rounds would do in the house. Now, if I were to buy a Saiga .233........ THAT would be a different story.