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Anyone want to have sex with a man?

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I would totally bone this dude.

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She's very attractive, and that is so hilarious, and I love that she so excellent points out the ridiculousness and the absurdity of Cultural Marxism and feminist. Its great.
Not a man unless topless.
I got banned from after having been a member for over a decade for refusing to call a "he" a "she'.

Yep, that was what got me perma banned.

Members there could make complete racist, foul and vile comments directed at Jews, Catholics, Disabled etc. with maybe a slight warning from a mod - but when I refused to play along with this fantasy, I got banned.

Oh well.
Justin Trudeau needs to get his "chick" card. :lol:
This reporter isn't a man, and lied to the doctor to get falsely found to be male.
Although she trolled the doctor, she observes that in 2 years new legislation will take effect letting anybody who wants to just omit the classification of "male" and "female" on government I.D. cards in Canada. Such people who opt-out of the "gender binary" can just be "X" or "other".

I really don't care, so long as the government knows whether the person was born male or female, so that if some DNA is found at a crime scene or disaster, it is more likely to be matched to a named victim (or perpetrator).

Does having "male" or "female" on a driver's license really help identify a crossdresser or transgender person? Not much, in my opinion. Neither does weight. The right clothes and body posture can add or subtract 20 lbs to a estimated body weight a person appears to have. And over a period of years, while a driver's license is still valid, a healthy normal-sized adult's weight could drop to 60% of what it had been, or balloon to 200% of the original weight.

And if I.D. cards are going to have photographs, it brings up the question of how often such photos should be updated when people's appearance changes.
What if a woman who had long blonde hair for years goes with a military-style buzz cut and Buddy Holly horned-rim glasses? What if the 250 pound woman loses 125 lbs and her face is no longer shaped like a pumpkin?

I'm just not seeing that there's any big downside to this, per se.

The REAL RISK, the real down side, is if the government tries to force other private citizens to treat these people according to the gender they claim, when that gender on their ID (or lack of any gender option on their ID) doesn't match how they appear and act at a particular place and time.
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Okay, she explains how bad the consequences will be at about the 7-minute mark in the video.

The government WILL demand that everybody else in Canada accept and act on these false gender identities, so that anybody who claims the wrong gender, or claims no gender at all, will be free to get all the privileges and benefits of being whatever they want to be, or claim to be.


I suppose that in a few years in Canada, nobody will be allowed to call their bluff and say, "No, I'm not letting you shower in the girl's locker room because you're obviously a guy, dressed like a guy, leering at the women like a guy wood, and sporting a serious woody." That gym staff member could be fired and the club sued.
If gender is a fluid condition based on feelings and perception, while sex (which is to be phased-out as a classification) is based on DNA and hard science, what about age? What about species?

If chronological age is a scientific fact, will the lib-tards come up with a new concept called a "identification age" that you get to pick? Can a 50 year old man "identify as " a 6 year old girl and demand to be enrolled in first grade where "she" can color with crayons, sing the alphabet song, and take naps on a cot with the other kids?

What about species? If "**** sapien" is a matter of science and anthropology, will there be new group of classifications called "life form" that people can opt-into and change on a whim? What if I want to call myself a reptile. Why can't I demand that the government issue me an ID card listing my species as a lizard? That's not false, is it, if I claim that I "feel like" and "identify as" a lizard, right???

OR, MORE LIKELY, Instead of two people buying 2 airline tickets to fly somewhere, one buys a ticket to go as a human passenger and the other claims to be a companion animals (service dog) that gets petted regularly to relieve stress. So the second person gets to sit in the seat next to the first person, but not pay for that seat, because that second person will be classified as a "service animal" for a disabled person.

Maybe the law has a legitimate role in codifying the truth, and approving of others sticking with the truth and refusing to go along with lies.
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"The Man" strikes again.
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