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Interesting read in today's Athens Banner-Herald. Article titled Athens holdups may be work of 'crew', outlining the recent increase in armed robberies around town lately.

Most of these stickups have occurred on the western most blocks of the downtown area. This is the nearest point of entry to the downtown area from the projects. There are also apartments and many rental houses in this area which are home to students. Please warn your kids not to walk alone, especially at night. Many victims are walking home from work or from the downtown bars.

At the end of the article is an small mention of an armed robbery at a local fast food joint last week. This is the first mention at all I have seen to it in the paper.

On Aug. 16, an employee of Bojangles, 3993 Atlanta Highway, opened the door for a man she thought was a new employee, and he robbed the restaurant and took the employee's purse.

Funny thing, this store is right across from the ACCPD west side precinct, at Georgia Square Mall. Immediately after shift change (0600 hrs), there are always 2 or 3 cruisers there getting breakfast. I pass by there each morning around this time. When I passed the store and saw all the police tape, etc. I called an officer friend. He told me the details. The robber arrived around 0430 hrs and knocked on the door. He was wearing a Bojangles shirt so the person answering the door thought he was a new employee. She had been off for a couple of days and thought nothing of it. He immediately went in to the restroom and took off the shirt, put on a mask (too late, the cameras already had video), and pulled out a gun. He came out and demanded money. They explained they didn't have access to the safe so he locked them in the cooler and left. I found this interesting because it showed creativity but was even with that, the criminal was too stupid to pull it off.
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