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Adam5 said:
I have only bought one firearm there, my Mosin M44. I have also bought accesories and ammo there. I didn't have any problems. I was careful to only use sellers that would take a credit card, I do the same thing on E-Bay. Using CC I can always dispute the charge should a problem arise. You can also try
+1 on the CCard.

I have used them twice both times got great deals and the transactions were very smooth and great.

My last purchase was my XD45 ACP SS Duo Tone. I couldn't even find one locally in a store, and would have waited on a list for possibly a couple months. I found mine on GunBroker and got a better deal than I could get locally too.

I would recommend it, just watch feedback ratings. :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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