Anyone own a Kel Tec PF-9 or P-11

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by dcannon1, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. dcannon1

    dcannon1 New Member

    Thinking about picking up one or the other as a backup to my Glock 26 and occasional primary carry for shorts weather. Anyone have any experience with them?

    I'm going to try to rent one before making a decision, but thought I'd see if anyone had any experience with them here.

    I've owned a P3AT before and more or less liked the gun, just didn't like the .380.

    If you don't like the PF-9 or P-11 are there any other small pistols you would recommend as a backup sized gun in 9mm (not interested in going down to .380 or .32)?
  2. jmathis84

    jmathis84 New Member

    I have been intrested in the PF-9 myself. I would want to find out a little more about them as well. Had the p3at an dit was a jam-o-matic so I been leary of Kel -tec ever since but I like the look of the pf-9

  3. Suprman

    Suprman New Member

    a good friend has a PF9 and i was looking at buying one or a p11, after i shot the PF9 a few times, i just didn't like it. Decided to look for a Kahr PM9.

    Ended up getting a PM40 for a good price, and i love it. my primary is a glock 23 so it works out well for me and the pm40 is easier to shoot then the pf9 if you could believe that. still want a pm9 as i'm sure it has next to no felt recoil if the PM40 is so smooth.
  4. dcannon1

    dcannon1 New Member

    Good bit of a price difference in the Kel Tec's and Kahr's though. If I was going to drop that kind of cash on a small 9mm I would probably do a Kimber Solo.
  5. SW_Sigma

    SW_Sigma New Member

    I had a P-11, sold it to a forum member here...LOVED the carry-ability of it...wasnt too thrilled about the excessively long trigger, so it wasnt too much fun at the range, but...its not a range gun...the P-11 is a little bigger than the the end i sold it to help fund another glock.

    For the money, and for the intent, the kel tec pocket 9s are a great deal...dont forget to do a fluff and buff!
  6. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    Have the P-11 9mm. Great carry gun. I recommend it. Trigger takes some time to get used to. Not a range gun.
  7. xls177

    xls177 Member

    Pf9 are good easy to conceal. thin and light
    I think the taurus pt709 has a better trigger and double strike

    I don't think solo The kimber solo is in the same category it is wider then a glock

    SPECIFICATIONS for Solo Carry (Two Tone Model #3900001)

    * Caliber: 9 mm
    * Height (inches): 3.9
    * Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 17
    * Length (inches): 5.5
    * Magazine capacity: 6
    * Width (inches): 1.2


    Length (slide)6.29 in.

    Height 2)4.17 in.

    Width 1.18 in.

    Magazine capacity 10

    weight 19.75 oz.

    Empty magazine 1.98 oz.

    Trigger pull (standard)~5.5 lbs.
    Trigger travel for discharge 0.5 in.
  8. ookoshi

    ookoshi Moderator

    I bought a PF-9 new, sold it a week later.

    In addition to being picky about ammo, which was annoying but not a deal breaker, it had a terrible trigger pull and hurt your hand to practice with. Now, in a gunfight a big kick isn't going to matter for 8 rounds or so, but you have to get accurate through practice, and I've never met a gun I was less excited about practicing with than the PF-9. It wasn't that much more concealable than a G26, IMO, at least not enough to make me want to carry it. I ended up going with one of the pocket .380's (specifically, the Taurus TCP) for me to deep conceal with because I had so many better options in that caliber than the PF-9.
  9. dlapin4

    dlapin4 Member

    Had a Kel-Tec P11 for a couple of years. Never had any failures of any kind but never could get used to the trigger - finally sold it.

    Bought a Taurus PT709 and was really hopeful but it spent more time at the factory than with me. They finally sent me a brand new weapon but the rear sight was ramped at an angle right from Taurus. Did not take it, had my money returned.

    Kahr PM9!
    Best price I found was on-line at Guns America through the Florida Gun Exchange - $549.00 brand new! Everywhere local was in the upper $600's to $700's.
  10. dcannon1

    dcannon1 New Member

    Hmm for some reason I thought the Solo was thinner than that. I guess it's the use of non integrated grips that adds a little extra width to it. So that's out, especially for the price.

    I've heard mixed reviews of the Taurus PT709's.

    From the feedback I'm getting it looks like I might just have to suck it up and save for a PM9 as it seems like it's the best in class for a thin, sub-compact 9.

    Right now I carry a 26 all the time, but I have to deal with a bunch of clients during the day that might not be gun friendly, so I wanted something that was thinner and could be pocket carried with larger pockets (I can get the 26 in most of my pockets, but it's hardly concealed).
  11. Suprman

    Suprman New Member

    might also look into the CM9 which is supposed to be a PM9 without the unneeded bells and whistles at around $400 estimated price.

    might be what i get to keep my pm40 company.
  12. dcannon1

    dcannon1 New Member

    Are those out yet?
  13. Suprman

    Suprman New Member

    I believe they will be coming out in March or April
  14. kineticmind

    kineticmind يفخر الكافر

    My first carry pistol was a P11, and it's an excellent little gun when it comes to reliability and price. I've never had a FTE, FTF, or any other malfunction in mine, but I also make sure to stay away from cheap ammo or reloads from unknown sources. I'd also go easy with +P rounds, unless you're just testing out defense ammo... in which case it won't be a problem. Some people aren't very fond of the long and heavy trigger pull, but I found it to be alright after practicing with it. It will chew your thumb up on your shooting hand after 50-100 rounds but, then again, it's not really made for target practice. So just keep in mind that it's not a range gun, and as long as you're not realistically expecting to be a marksman with it at 25+ yards, it'll serve it's purpose well.

    If you do decide to buy one, I highly recommend getting a pinky extension for every magazine you carry. The grip is a bit awkward without one, especially if you have larger hands. With the extension I found it a lot more comfortable to shoot, and a little more accurate.

    There's plenty of good info at these sites:
  15. 1str8shot

    1str8shot New Member

    my father has both. we both like the p11 better.
  16. JiG

    JiG Awaiting censure

    I love my PF-9, but I recognize it for what it is.

    Trigger pull is long, but considering the likely distance I'd be using it, its not a problem. It's for up close social work. No more.

    Carry is light. I always have the PF-9 because it is so handy. First rule of carry, have something.

    Ammo, I've been using Federal EFMJs and they have been flawless as has the pistol. YMMV.

    Price: Great for what you get.

    I give it two thumbs up.
  17. niadhf

    niadhf New Member

    i have a P-11. Have had for about 3 years. I love it. I almost sold it after getting a M&P9c, but held on to it. Now i am glad. Am going to seel that M&P soon instead.
    Due to work related issues with carrying (company policy is against) i carry either it or a Snubby .38/.357. Each I can deep conceal. Both triggers are similar (although snubby is a little lighter pull.)

    I did a pretty extensive F&B when i got it. Made a big difference in trigger and hold. Got Hand-all JR grips, and Pinky extension for 2 of the 3 mags. Now it feels almost as right as my Officer's size 1911.

    I have had One FTFeed in about 500 rounds. i was NOT the one using the pistol at the time, and they are suceptable to limp wristing.

    I used this pistol to compete in IDPA, and still would (as it is one of my main carry firearms) except that i have a hard time dry firing it against the Man recomendations. I don't want to have that firing pin break at an inoportune moment. Like when i NEED it.

    I also found that the factory trigger without aluminum trigger shoe did 2 things. Pinched the end of my finger, and SLAPPED hard after shooting (also a polymer trigger) The shoe fixed both of these and made it a noticabley nicer gun to shoot. Trigger time is a must for shooting it well. I had 2 Dead center in a moving target on that IDPA shoot.

    Can't tell you anything about the PF9 though. My feeling was, for the size diff, i would take the extra rounds.

    Good luck.
  18. Hock25

    Hock25 New Member

    I have two PF9s, both flawless and accurate. No fluff/buff, and no "break-in" like Kahrs. There is no thinner 9mm mass-produced, period. My normal carry is one of four XDs, but when I need to conceal only, for all day, it's going to be a PF9.

    Also, the Kahr PM9 officially calls for thumbing the slide-lock, which Kahr refers to as a slide-release, to put the gun into battery. This is a bad muscle memory habit, IMO, unless the only gun you ever carry is a Kahr. When my son and I shot a friend's PM9, we each had several failures, including having to push the slide forward into battery to complete the feed. No, thank you. When is a gun broken-in? How does one know? For 600+ clams, it shouldn't need anything.

    The Kel-tec PF9 just needs a cursory cleaning, and it's ready for duty. It kicks alot and hurts my index finger. No matter, since it's very accurate and not a range gun.
  19. niadhf

    niadhf New Member

    Try the trigger shoe. Helped a LOT on my P-11.
  20. JockeyShifter

    JockeyShifter New Member

    I have a Keltec P32, PF9 , P11 , Solo, PPK, and a sweet 1903 Colt hammerless, all similar small pocket guns.
    We took all of these guns to the range Tuesday as well as a new Glock 23.

    Sniper and I shot this lot of guns all for the first time except for the PPK.

    Here is how I saw their performance.

    Kimber Solo, by far the best, excellent trigger pull, lots of power. This gun looks chunky but it is no where as blocky as a small Glock.
    Simply, Kimber got this gun right!!

    (the Glock 23 was a larger 40 so I can't compare it fairly, it was just another new gun to test)

    1903 Colt hammerless 32 acp, a 1917 Browning sweet sweet gun, very very accurate.

    Walther PPK (I like it a lot, it is too small for sniper's grip)

    Keltec P32- nice trigger

    PF-9 and P-11 were the two dogs in the bunch (to me) the trigger pull is really awkward and untuned , at least the trigger pull seems wayyy long)
    Both shot good but the triggers in the two 9mm Keltecs was bizarre.
    P11 won out over the PF9