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Anyone in Alpharetta's Post 5? Paine vs. Monson

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This is my first election in Alpharetta. Late in the day to do my research, but -

Does anyone know about Jim Paine vs. John Monson in the City Council race? I only have attack flyers, and I got a robo call from Mayor Letchas supporting Paine.

- history?
- stance on Milton County?

Any feedback is appreciated.
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Here is a link...go to the bottom of the page:
Maybe Bulldawg could weigh in on this.

Jim Paine gets my vote. He has been a huge supporter of Milton County. In fact, he is a charter member of the Milton County Legislative Advisory Committee.

Paine has a record of being a lifelong public servant, and without a doubt he is one of the most modest politicians I have ever met. He is a true conservative, and his record shows his belief in fiscally conservative business principles and keeping the city tax rate as low as possible. Also, he has always been an ardent supporter of maintaining a top notch public safety organization in Alpharetta.

Jim is not only a leader with a solid record of accomplishments, experience and proven leadership, but is a "rubber meets the road" kind of guy when it comes to the community. He is a ham radio operator that is active with the local North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL), he is a Community Emergency Response Team volunteer, Chair of the 2010 American Diabetes Association fund raiser for Alpharetta, and is a Alpharetta Civilian Auxiliary Officer that is out there patrolling and staying close to the community he represents. Very approachable guy that can be met at almost every city function.
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Thank you gentlemen. Now that you mention his approachability, I think I remember seeing Paine at one event - the city council vote on the islamic center.

Monson's ads attacked him for finding a loophole on term limits. That is a sticking point for me - if we're going to do term limits, let's do term limits. But after all is said and done, Paine's stance on Milton County is more important to me. Will likely vote for him.

Thanks again!
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