Anyone have experience with NAA .22 revolvers

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by tace, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. tace

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    I am talking about those tiny back up revolvers. My scared of guns wife hinted she might be willing to carry one of these. I figure anything is better than none. I see that they go for about $200, but have found used ones for $100. Are these safe to carry in a pocket or purse? How is the recoil?

  2. ber950

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    They are cute and useless. You can't hit the broad side of a barn with the smallest models. Add in the fact that they are old model single actions (empty chamber under hammer required) they don't make a very good choice for inexperienced shooters.

    The larger models with full grips are okay but you can get a decent .32 or .380 weapon in the same size and weight.

  3. Ashe

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  4. ber950

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    If you put one in a sock it makes a pretty good slapjack, but a roll of coins is cheaper.
  5. zookeper

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    i have had a NAA black widow revolver for about 2 years now. i replaced the gubber grips with wooden to ease slipping in/out of pockets. mine has 2 cylinders 22lr and 22mag. it's fun to shoot and easy to hide in a pocket, tackle box, daypack, etc. recently i've had it fail to fire occasionally and right now i'm not sure if it's the ammo or the firing pin.
  6. Tinkerhell

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    I've been wanting one of these to have when I run - a snake gun. But it she wants a .22 to start off her carrying then look at the Walther p22. at least it's a little more accurate (I assume - I've never shot the NAA) and you got 11rnds to work with and a magazine instead of 4 or 5??

    .22 is better than nothing but it's not for self defense from anything outside of a snake or maybe a single average sized dog that's not intent.

    BUT a .22 is a good place to start getting her comfortable. That's where I started with my wife a far as just getting her used to guns. Now I've got a 9mm, a 12ga and ak47. Only took 9 months. Oh and the little walkther p22 that it all started with. :)
  7. gsusnake

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    But... I'm not going to attack you.
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    I carry one in my pocket as a backup when I carry. Mine is the .22lr. I have one of those fold up holsters on it. You can carry it anywhere. I stick it in my pockets in my lounge around the house clothes and forget about it.

    It is actually an excellent gun for a woman. It is does take some time to relaod/unload it. It also takes some practice to put the safety on properly. I'm guessing your wife would just stick it in her pocket and not "play" with it much. It is very safe. They have a safety on them, you just place the hammer in a little groove that is between the two bullets. If you do this corrctly and drop it, it won't go off.

    They are single action. Mine is a .22lr so you know that it isn't gonna do what a .45 acp. can do. It is definately better than nothing.

    Believe it or not...the gun I have used to be owned by my grandmother. She used to carry it when she went to work before she retired. And yes, this grandmother had a GFL. My other grandmother carried without a GFL. LOL
  9. JiG

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    I have a Black Widow in .22 mag. As GaGunOwner mentioned, it has safety notches that allow the hammer to be carried down (at rest) in between chambers. You can carry full house with it.

    Recoil is manageable considering how little grip you have on the gun. It's not bad at all.

    I bought mine to be a snake gun. A copperhead has already lost it's life to it. (Normally i live and let live, but i didn't want it biting my nosy dog and the snake was hanging out right next to my house). I've seen non-poisonous snakes and i leave them alone. I think the NAA excels as a snake gun. It is very easy to have on me when i am working around the house where i might come across a snake.

    I can't hit anything at distance with it. It's definately close range. Close, as in, you shove it up someone's nostrils, or get it against the chest, or some other reason you have extremely close contact with a BG.

    I don't recommend it for your wife. It probably won't scare a BG and she'd be too lightly armed.

    Something is better than nothing, but .22s aren't the way to go.
  10. Ashe

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    You could consider a .22 derringer kinda like a punch dagger. Not something you are going to pull to scare someone, but if you are rolling around on the ground with some guy on top of you it's easier to use than something bigger.

    And at that range I'm thinking someone needs to build a 4 barreled .22 that will fire all 4 barrels at once :)
  11. ThetaReactor

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    Someone needs to make an aluminum/titanium/scandium COP 357. Then we won't have to ask which derringer is best.
  12. jculp

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    naa revs

    i have 2, a long rifle, and a magnum. carry one all the time. as said, they are better than your finger, close range last resort, hideout weapon. to me they serve a purpose, better than no gun. Sam
  13. River Bend

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    22 LR trumps knife or ball bat at least

    Gotta admit its the epidome of "Mouse gun" but even at that, it beats the snot outta a knife or bat if the attacker is stupid enough to bring a knife to a "mouse gun fight" then he deserves the 5- 22LR fragible rounds he'll likely get when he is gut shot close.
    Not a good choice for a carry pc, but like I said. beats nothing.
    There are many slightly larger and more effective mousers out there and a couple you can hit with, Kel Tec's P32 & P3At then there arer a couple more similar sized but much heaver both in the pocket book and the wallet, the NAA Guardian 32 and the Seecamp 32, but personally, for the $239, I'd go for the hard chromed Kel Tec P3at, 380 caliber.
    I have one of the little 22LR NAA's that I've had so long, the grips rotted off and I welded on Stainless flat grip panels and this puppy even goes swimming with me, never missed a beat yet after over 25 years, but, a mouse is a mouse and either will trump a louse.
  14. gunsmoker

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    Black Widow

    I have tried them all, and I think the smallest ones are useless. I like the "Black Widow" model, .22 mag with an extrat .22 LR cylinder.

    It has fairly large rubber grips and real sights, and a 2.5" heavy barrel. It's still small and flat and light, although it's twice as heavy as the tiniest models. It can be used for head shots at 50 feet. It's fun for plinking with .22 LR rounds. Girls and kids love it.

    Despite the absence of a trigger guard, these guns can be carried safely. Just don't cock the hammer until you're aiming at the target and ready to fire! And don't carry the hammer down on a live round-- carry the hammer resting on the little notch in the cylinder in between the cartridge rims.