Anyone have a Leupold MK 4

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by foxtrotterz, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. foxtrotterz

    foxtrotterz New Member

    I am getting ready to purchase a Leupold MK 4 , 2.5-8 , as soon as tonight. I haven't looked through one yet and that is kind of killing me. I like all the features on it, just haven't seen the glass on it. Does anyone on here have one that I could look through? I have the other scope that I am interested in, an IOR, in hand from a friend and would love to compare the two pieces of glass side by side. I am in Woodstock and would drive at least half an hour to you.
  2. Match10

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    If it says, "Leupold" on it, you will not be unsatisfied.

  3. 1clearshot

    1clearshot Member

    I've look through Leupold VX-III 2.5-8 night with 3/4-moon. It was amazing!
  4. zetor

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    My father has a Leupold MK4 LRT 4.5x14 with the TMR reticle and it is very clear. I have a nightforce NXS 5.5X22 and the clarity between the two is indiscernible to me.

    Other differences are MARKED. :D
  5. CountryGun

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    Couldn't agree more. The name says it all. I don't now own one, but I've never owned a bad one. A Leupold helped me take a Dall ram in the Brooks Range that was just over a full curl. The scope topped a Weatherby, in .264 magnum. It hangs in my office. There are no better optics for the money. Buy it, and never look back.
  6. foxtrotterz

    foxtrotterz New Member

    I have been researching the mud outta this thing and plan on going through with it. One of the primary reasons is it is offered in MOA. Numerous people have told me to go with the IOR Valdada, which I have on loan right now from a buddy for my viewing pleasure. It is nice, no doubt, but I don't have anything to compare it to. I have heard that a Leupold looks dark next to the IOR. I am thinking I will go though with the MK 4 and get the IOR next year if I don't have a craving for something else much worse by then.