Anyone have a holster they can recommend for a P22?

Discussion in 'Holsters / Method of Carry' started by tace, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. tace

    tace New Member

    Looking for holster feedback for P22. Especially a pocket holster for the wifey to carry in her purse.
  2. CtheHammer

    CtheHammer New Member

    I have a basic Uncle Mike's Sidekick size 36 for IWB on left side (I'm left handed). Fits pretty well and isn't too terribly bulky. Too large to go in a pocket but IWB at 7:30 it pretty much is completely gone for those days when the Glock 19 would stick out a little too much.


  3. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    I have an Uncle Mike's size 1 for OWB, RHS with a retention strap. If she ever wants to carry on her belt, I'll give it to you, though I don't think too highly of nylon holsters. No idea about pocket holsters, though.

    Actually, with the safety on, if it has its own pocket, it's pretty safe. But drawing and actuating that safety is gonna be real tough should the situation arise, even with training. It's not as ergonomic as a 1911-style safety and I would worry about accidentally decocking the gun instead of putting a little hole in the BG. I hate to be That Guy, but is there anything else you could get for her?
  4. Tinkerhell

    Tinkerhell Active Member

    fobus paddle.
    Not speacial but it works. Not great for pocket carry.