Anyone have a C&R i can borrow?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by NetAdminWithGun, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Is this illegal? If some one orders a CZ-52 for me?

    Would it just be gray if they bought it and then i bought it from them?

    Is there anyone willing to sell a CZ-52 for cost+shipping?

  2. asbrand

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    However, that said...there's nothing stopping someone with a C&R buying two CZ-52's with their own money, checking both out, deciding to keep the "better" one for his collection, and then selling off the other (perhaps to you) so he can use the money to further his collection with something else.

    Unless the rules / laws have changed...that's perfectly legal to do.
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    Can someone tell me what a C & R is?
  4. Adam5

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    I have my application, but haven't sent it in yet. A C&R is a curios and relics license. It allows you to have a certain "collectors" firearms delivered to your house as opposed to going through an FFL. The ATF has a list of " C&R Eligible" Firearms at their website.

    Here's the list

    It's 6:30am on a Sat morning, sorry if I didn't give a good explanation, I'm still half asleep.
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    Thanks better than me ive been up since 8 am Friday....i went home and slept from about 6-9pm and am back at a customers site waiting on engineering to look at an storage array for me.....
  6. I have the papers but man thats alot of boxes to fill in just for this. Well some one let me know if they are selling their MIL-SURPs any time soon.