Anyone a Pickens County Sportman's Club (PCSC) member?

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  1. Mrs_Esterhouse

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    Anyone a member at PCSC? Unfortunately, they force you to join the NRA if you want to belong to the range. I've been a member at PCSC for 12 years and have just been ousted for my refusal to renew my NRA membership. During the whole SB308/NRA debacle, I explained my position to the PCSC board on why the NRA is no longer a pro gun/freedom organization but rather, solely a pro NRA organization. I urged them to discontinue their NRA affiliation or at least allow a substitute membership to GCO or SAF. They seemed to hear what I was saying but explained how much the range stood to lose in the way of NRA sponsorships and benefits if they canceled their NRA agreement (golden handcuffs). To attain those NRA "goodies" a range must sign an agreement with the NRA which requires every range member to also be an NRA member (union bully tactics). Man, the NRA really sucks ballz!

    So, for now, I'm rangeless. :(
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    I'm a member at PCSC. The NRA rule has been in effect for a few years. It's a lot more common than you think. Unfortunately there aren't too many insurance companies with reasonable insurance for firing ranges.

    The only reason I have an NRA membership is to keep my club membership. Paying $25 to those bozos every year is better than not having a range or having to drive ridiculous hours to do what I love to do.

    And getting anything out of the board is a pretty tough thing to do there.