Any Sprint / Clear 4G users?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by StoneDog, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. StoneDog

    StoneDog Member

    I'm considering switching over to Sprint's EVO(?) mobile android device for the 4G speed plus the ability to act as a hub for other devices.

    Does anyone have experience with 4G and is it worth it? How is the service?

    I work in Norcross and live up in Suwanee so coverage may not be as good as it is ITP. Any thoughts?

  2. ClayD

    ClayD New Member

    I have sprint with a 4g phone, but come to find out 4g isn't in every area. I'm in Savannah and there is no 4g here.

  3. Aberk

    Aberk Custom User Title

    I have an EVO as well. 4G is noticeably faster than 3G (when you can get it), but you will be paying an extra 30/mo for the wifi hotspot feature unless you root your phone. and yes, a root is out for the Froyo 2.2 EVO.
  4. Hock25

    Hock25 New Member

    The EVO is a great device, and a mediocre phone. The sound quality is a bit tinny, as if the phone portion was an afterthought. The 4G isn't widely available, so I wouldn't make that a reason for the phone. We got better Sprint service on vacation in Alaska(Sitka boonies and other locales) than in Senoia, Georgia. The EVO is essentially a laptop, limited only by your eyesight and fat-fingers. Tying in the navigation apps with Streetview is astounding. I use the voice-to-text a fair amount to help with the fat-fingers. I have to use my reading glasses way more than with a laptop for internet use. It is a device straight from sci-fi novels, such as Ringworld. When we get the flying sleds(flying jetskis), I'll be happy.
  5. Target

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    I work in Norcross, live in Suwanee, and have Sprint. Let me know how this works out for you. I might upgrade my phone. :D

    I use an HTC TouchPro 2.
  6. atlsrt44

    atlsrt44 Well-Known Member

    metro will have 4g pretty soon too :D
    dont judge me
  7. StoneDog

    StoneDog Member


    I see Sprint has the Galaxy S device labelled the "Epic 4G".

    Anyone else have experience with Sprint and/or 4G service in the Suwanee/Norcross area?
  8. 69953

    69953 Guest

    Several friends in Atlanta who have had Clear said it is often infuriatingly slow and HATE it.
  9. vr6glidriver

    vr6glidriver New Member

    Evo 4G here and live in Kennesaw, work in Marietta - 4G fine with me so far. I will say if you get this phone you had better fall in love with your charger! The battery life on 3G is acceptable for this class of phone, but 4G will give you a dead phone in less than 4 hours of use.

    As far as coverage goes (4G), I haven't had any problems within about 30 miles of Atlanta.. seems to cut out north of Acworth and south of Hartsfield from where I've been. 3G has actually been much more reliable for me than AT&T's 3G service both coverage wise (I'd say they're equal there in the metro area) and head and shoulders above in quality.

    I'm told by our company's Sprint rep that the Atlanta 4G network will be considered "mature" by the end of 2010 - basically equal to 3G in the metro area. When sitting close to a 4G tower (there is one on the Marriott at Windy Hill - says our rep) I was able to get 9MB/sec down on a speed test - sitting at home in Kennesaw I can get 3mbps down and 1.5-2.0mbps up using WiFi tethering with one bar of 4G. If I didn't play Xbox live, I'd can my Comcast connection.

    The company that I work for has an office off of Old Peachtree and there is 4G coverage fine there and in the immediate area - but I haven't been more than few miles off of the interstate so I can't vouch for it outside of that area.
  10. InalienablyGreek

    InalienablyGreek New Member

    I get an average of 4mb speeds with my EVO. Fastest speeds I've gotten are around 8-9mb.