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From VCDL Alert:

7. "Gun Violence Prevention" Groups Applaud Virginia Tech Panel

Duct tape alert! The antis are dancing, thinking that they are going to get a bunch of new gun-control laws because of the VT massacre. We need to be prepared to fight hard to see that they don't get their way and that we get some laws changed to actually make campuses safer:

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (BCPGV), efforts of the Governor Tim Kaine and the Virginia Tech Review Panel received nationwide appreciation among Virginia-based 'gun violence prevention groups.' These combined efforts address the role of federal and state gun laws in the April 16 mass shooting at the University. The Virginia Tech Review Panel made public its final report with recommendations to improve public safety in the commonwealth.

There are six main recommendations on gun policy in this report.

These recommendations lay focus on two major areas of concern. One is to introduce an effective background check system before gun purchasing and another is restricting the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses. The report established that it should never be easy for criminals to evade background checks.

The Panel emphasizes better utilization of the resources and information data bank at National Instant Criminal Background Check System "(NICS)." The first lesson of 'Virginia Tech' is that the shooter, given his troubled history, never should have been able to purchase handguns", said Abby Spangler, Founder of

The Panel also recommends inducing few special provisions in law. At present individuals can procure firearms in Virginia State through a private sale without undergoing a background check. Gun-shows are the favorite occasion for criminals and other offenders to purchase firearms because the law does not require any background check. It is easy to hide personal identity in Gun-shows. There is a dire need to stop this provision as it is turning situations in to havoc for society. "It is time for common sense to prevail and we appreciate the panel's leadership on this issue", said Barbara king hart, President, VACPS.

Panel report forwards prominent recommendations on the issue of 'guns on campuses'. It says the guns must remain banned on campus unless someone permitted under the law. Panel views it very seriously and observes that guns on college campuses give an invitation to a public safety disaster. "Students on Virginia's campuses should be assured that they are learning in safe, secure environments", said Martina Leinz, President, Million Mom March.

Governor Kaine gave an assurance that he will ensure adequate action on the panel report and calls of other 'gun-violence- prevention-groups' for making the commonwealth a safer place to live in.
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