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    Former Star Trek Star Stages Raid at Las Vegas Hilton

    By Jim Reynolds

    Las Vegas, NV – Former Star Trek star Jonathan Frakes, with several henchmen in tow, staged a raid at the Las Vegas Star Trek Hilton to retrieve his allegedly "stolen" Star Trek memorabilia.

    Police fear that this copycat of the recent O.J. Simpson fiasco may spur more stars into this sort of criminal activity. Detective Ross Porline of the LVPD said, "Please tell me Gary Busey doesn’t have anything worth auctioning. I thought we were through with this crap when the last round of 80’s child stars put me through hell in the 90’s"

    Porline revealed that sources close to Frakes overheard him a few days before the incident, exclaiming that "O.J. makes mistakes. Number One doesn’t. Let’s show them how its done."

    Frakes' “crew†known only as “The Away Team†consisted of several grips, cameramen, and one makeup artist from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Frakes' plot centered on hotel patrons and employees not recognizing his "Romulan counterpart" disguise. Donning Picard's Romulan make-up from ST:TNG episode 108: Unification, Frakes stormed into the hotel demanding, among other things, his old uniform, a phaser on display, and a copy of the Playboy with Denise Crosby in it.

    Unfortunately for Frakes, a room full of rabid fans, many of them also in Romulan garb, recognized him immediately. In fact, it was the numerous prostrate fans surrounding him with praise that slowed his escape and allowed hotel security to close in.

    Hilton officials refused to give a quote on the value of the items, citing them as being worth more in sentimental value. A quick search on eBay shows that the items could’ve combined to be worth tens if not hundreds of dollars.

    Fellow Star Trek: TNG actors could not be reached for comment, but homeland security officials have placed the majority of the crew of the NCC-1701D on the “No Fly†list as a precautionary measure.

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    ok, I guess someone got ahold of the Saturday Night Live script for this week right?