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best part

After several paragraphs of talking about how guns were used in multiple school shootings recently, and after citing those incidents as examples of what's wrong with America's gun control laws, the writer of this wonders why guns can't be registered like cars and gun owners registered like drivers. Then she laments that some other gun restrictions failed to pass in Pennsylvania recently.

Then she goes on to add...

"... None of those measures would have saved the Amish girls, argued the opponents.

Perhaps, but they may have saved others."

Okay, so she's ADMITTING that neither her "register them like cars" nor "one gun a month" laws would have done a damn bit of good in ANY of the cases that she refers to at the beginning of her article, but then says that it's irrelevant. There is a problem, and she proposes a solution, and the fact that her "solution" doesn't address the problem doesn't trouble her in the least.

Liberals. Thinking with their hearts instead of their brains. Don't you just love them?

Kind-hearted liberals are too stupid to see the real truth: The only way to effectively stop crazy, suicidal people from useing guns to kill innocents in public places is to ban all guns, confiscate all guns known to exist, melt them all down, and then seal the borders to prevent gun-smuggling and randomly do house-to-house searches looking for machine shops in garages and basements, where more might be made.

Liberals can't admit that that's what it would take. So they go on with this false hope that "reasonable" gun control will fix the problem.

As if an unarmed madman coudn't figure out a way to kill a bunch of helpless school children, anyway. Does it really require a gun? Before guns were invented, was there ever such a thing as mass-murder? You betcha.

The socialist liberal-leftists are not kind-hearted, nor are they stupid. They know what it will take, and they eagerly await the day when the sheeple serve up their liberties on a silver platter, begging to be enslaved if only Big Brother will provide security and protection from the madmen loose in society among them.
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