Another Ga Politician Makes National News

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    Georgia Representative Erica Thomas removes all doubt that she is a fool totally lacking in critical thinking skills. And perhaps honesty as well. She dodges Tucker's question about citizens having their firearms taken from them by force, which the bill she has sponsored does.

    I am ashamed that complete idiots like Rep. Erica Thomas are under the Gold Dome in my home state of Georgia. She refused to answer the question of whether or not she cares about any ensuing violence against citizens when government tries to take away their guns, because she simply does not care.

    Mass bloodshed of American citizens does not matter to her when the goal is disarming them under her tyrannical confiscatory edicts.

    How I wish our government truly respected the U.S. Constitution and would put traitors like her on trial for violating their oath of office!
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  2. UtiPossidetis

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    More shame and embarrassment for Georgia :screwy:
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    SMH. it doesn't matter if less guns would make us safer (basic logic shows it doesn't anyway.)
    "This country wasn't designed to be safe, it was designed to be free."
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    There's 2 of these posts floating around. Nemo I think you beat the other one by about an hour.
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    I watched that show and got confused. I thought I was watching "Dancing With The Stars" the way Thomas was trying to do the old two-step on Carlson. I loved how he gave her the gong when she wouldn't shut up. :lol: What an imbecile that woman is.