Another Forsyth County 1st time applicant GWCL

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    I walked in, filled out the paperwork, gave them $72.50 and took the oath. Walked around the building for the electronic prints and was done in about 30 minutes or so.

    I applied on 4/28 and my license showed up a day or two ago. So much faster than South Carolina.
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    That's good news.
    But.... you took an oath?
    I don't remember an oath as being part of the GWL process.
    Of course my first-time Georgia carry permit was a GFL back in 1989. Ever since then it's just been a series of renewals.

    ** EDITED*** Okay, I guess an "oath" is part of the application process. It's right there in the first sentence of 16-11-129. You submit your application under oath, which I assume (I don't remember) means you are pledging that it is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
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    Clerk in Gwinnett county had me hold up my hand and swear. So, I said :censored: this! Can we cut my :censored: license already?!?

    (Well, the clerk part, not the I said part.) :)

    I did look a little confused at what she meant, and then she said it's an oath, it's required. She basically asked if I swear the information is true, and I said yes. But holding my hand up made it extra, double true.