Another campus shooting

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    (CNN) -- A University of Memphis football player was shot and killed on campus Sunday night, prompting school officials to cancel classes as authorities searched for suspects.

    Police say Taylor Bradford drove a short distance in his car after being shot and then crashed into a tree.

    Police said defensive lineman Taylor Bradford, 21, apparently was shot around 9:45 p.m. (10:45 ET) Sunday and drove a short distance in his car before crashing.

    Bradford was taken to Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

    Campus police said the preliminary investigation indicated that Bradford was targeted and not the victim of a random act of violence.

    The 5-foot-11-inch, 300-pound junior transferred to the University of Memphis from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, according to his team's Web site.

    After the shooting, authorities locked down the campus. Residence halls reopened early Monday, and classes were expected to resume Tuesday.

    On Monday, offices at the university were open so students could have access to counseling and talk with faculty and staff, said university spokesman Curt Guenther said.

    University police said the Memphis Police Department's homicide bureau is assisting in the investigation.

    The University of Memphis had 20,562 students last fall and about 2,500 employees, according to the school's Web site
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    Didn't someone tell the shooter that guns are prohibited on campus?

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    I'm confused.

    How could this have happened? Isn't the campus a "gun free zone"?

    So, how was it possible for anyone to bring a gun on campus?

    This is perplexing and shocking.

    I'm sure the Brady bunch will tell us it wouldn't have happened if the gun laws were more restrictive, but how more restrictive can you get than designating a place as a "gun free zone"?

    Maybe I'm missing something........


    Hopefully, Sarah ( :devil: ) will explain it in her next request for money!

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    How many more people have to die before people stop believing the libtards?
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    I mentioned this shooting to a doctoral student in the management department at UGA today. He said he had heard about it and that it was a horrible incident.

    Knowing that most people in academia are generally to the left on the political spectrum I said, "Yeh, its a shame that the university there wasn't in a gun free zone like those of us who attend UGA. If that was the case then that person would have magically not been able to enter the university grounds and shoot that student".

    I guess he didn't get my sarcasm because he looked at me and said, "Well, guns don't shoot themselves. And while I am a liberal and have never owned a gun in my life, I would die if necessary to keep the second amendment a part of the constitution."

    To be honest I was stunned into silence. Those of you who have met me probably know that is pretty damn hard to accomplish.
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    And I feel the same about all of the other amendments. All or none.
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