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Discussion in 'General GWL Questions' started by chainsaw123, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. chainsaw123

    chainsaw123 GPDO Supporter

    if I get a gfl, is it legal to conceal on the ankle? Since I dont wear bulky overshirts, thats the only place I would carry as I dont want to open carry.
  2. USMC - Retired

    USMC - Retired Active Member

    It is complely legal as long as it is in a holster. Although I have heard of at least one LEO who thought otherwise.

  3. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Not knocking ankle carry, since it's sometimes your only option, bu twhy can't you carry IWB? It's a lot faster/easier to get to.
  4. gunsmoker

    gunsmoker Lawyer and Gun Activist

    Legal Now

    Ankle holsters, pocket holsters, etc. are legal now. They have been for about 10 years. Prior to that, the law only provided for carry in a "shoulder or waist belt holster" and not any other form of holster. Some officers haven't got the word yet.
  5. wsweeks2

    wsweeks2 New Member

    There are times I would use an ankle holster as opposed to IWB. If church carry were legal, I'd put a G27 on my ankle so I could tuck in my shirts and look decent.

    Just one example, but that's my $.02.
  6. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    There are a lot of good, tuckable IWb holsters that don't make it obvious that you're carrying, especially with black clips on a black belt.
  7. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    I have the Comp-Tac CTAC which is supposed to be tuckable. It works but if you even half-way attention you can tell. I even have the clips which tuck under your belt. I like it as an option but still would likely only rely on it tucked for concealment if I were wearing maybe a light jacket or something else to break it up some. I wear an ankle sometimes but hate the weight. I feel like I am dragging around a ball and chain. I also find myself limping. LOL.
  8. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Interesting. I only have one tuckable (and it's broken right now- some screws fell off when I went for a walk last night :(), but it's great for concealment. I don't have a CTAC, though. I guess it just doesn't work with your body/gun combo :(
  9. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    I always blame concealment issues on body type. The gun and holster can only do so much. I CC a Glock 30, no extra mags, in the CTAC at 3 o'clock. Conceals great with shirt tail out, even just a tee. However, when I try to tuck the two supports seem to protrude a little and then there is the unsightly clips. They are visible, just most people wouldn't realize what they are.

    Concealment as I said is my fault, not the holster. I am 5'6" and being nice, about 160 lbs. Built OK but a little extra around the middle. This makes a huge difference in concealment. I guess fat people are meant to OC. LOL. I might have to start OC soon if I don't lose a few lbs. LOL.
  10. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    I was so excited today when I was able to tighten my belt up a couple of notches! Then I realized that I was carrying OWB since my IWB is out of commission.
  11. ThetaReactor

    ThetaReactor Active Member

    I'd recommend ankle carry only for a back-up BUG. Even a smartcarry is faster than ankle carry.
  12. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Well, I don't know about that. I'd say ankle carry is faster overall, assuming you wear your belt with some semblance of tightness. Otherwise, ankle is wayyyy faster while sitting.
  13. Sine Nomen

    Sine Nomen New Member

    I ankle carry my PM9 all the time. It's about the only way to go when I'm at work. I actually don't wear it when I'm wearing a suit because it prints through the thin fabric. For formal wear I prefer my 5.11 Holster shirt. It all comes down to body type and personal preference,
  14. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    Anybody ever ankle open carry? :lol:
  15. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Only with my S&W Model 500.
  16. Malum Prohibitum

    Malum Prohibitum Moderator Staff Member

    I suppose while wearing shorts this is possible.

    but retarded
  17. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    I agree: shorts are retarded.
  18. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    All I can say is :oops: .
  19. Bulldawg182

    Bulldawg182 Active Member

    If you really have done this, that's bad enough. But, never ever admit to it! :roll: :lol: