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Obviously the animal-rights extremists think of hunters as their sworn enemy. They hate them. They think what they're doing is immoral and ought to be illegal. The fact that what this hunter was doing (trying to kill an animal as a form of recreation) is currently LEGAL doesn't matter to them, because they think it should be illegal and they hope to soon change our laws to make it illegal (first a misdemeanor, and then felony animal cruelty).

Turn this around. Suppose some druggie (not an addict, but a recreational user-- gets high with friends on weekends) take a huge dose of cocaine, eats some prescription painkillers, washes this mixture down with a few ounces of whiskey, and then decides to take a nap in the middle of the highway....

And 18-wheeler comes along and the distracted driver doesn't see the stoned dude in the street in time to change lanes. THUMP... instant street pizza.

Would we laugh, clap, and make fun of this dumb SOB's early demise?
Yep. Don't even try to deny it. We'd smile, wink, and make comments about "Darwinism at work," improving our collective gene pool, etc.

And the only real difference between them is one is doing an activity that is permitted under the law (hunting), while the other is doing an act that is currently illegal (getting high), but which a substantial number of people would like to make legal, and a far greater number participate in themselves.
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