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but you know an anti-gunner would say that gun control works and this lady's letter proves it.

Because her son was NOT shot. He was an unarmed and helpless victim, and the robber spared his life.

And two prior armed robbery incidents he was part of also ended without him being shot or stabbed.

So the gun-grabbers would say that gun control was partially successful here, because it did save lives.
Neither the robber nor the victim lost their life. That's a good thing. If the writer's adult son would have had a gun and tried to pull it, somebody would have gotten killed. That would have been a tragedy.

And the liberal gun-grabbers would be thrilled to learn that this most recent robber can not only count up to five, but can count backward from five to one. That speaks volumes about how the educational system in Cook County has improved over the years. This robber can certainly be rehabilitiated and given a government job for the city or county.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts