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What do you guys make of this? Since the politicians are not properly using our military, tying their hands behind their backs, using them as a police force, putting their lives at undue risk, BS winning hearts and minds crap, and many other ways they are mistreating and mis using our military, should more men from America go abroad to fight pure evil in the world, forgoing our corrupt politicians and how they have screwed up our military?

A young American who joined Syria's Kurdish fighters on the front lines battling ISIS was killed during combat operations, his mother told NBC News.

Susan Shirley said Thursday that she first received an email two days earlier from the command of the Kurdish army relaying that her son, Levi Shirley, had been killed. Kurdish forces later announced on Facebook that he died on July 14.

Sounds like this American man died honorably helping out the Kurds, and I wish somebody could give this man a civilian award for his ultimate sacrafice to rid this world of evil.
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