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I stopped by the gun store that used to be called Armistead Armory in Alpharetta, GA today. They've been carrying the Georgia Weapon Laws book for a long time, but I (Kurt) had never been inside before.

Now it's under new ownership, as of about a year ago.
The new name is Alpha Bravo Armory.

The big sign facing Hwy 9 still has the old name, though.

They've got some nice guns, from concealed- carry pistols to combat shotties with ghost ring sights and even a few big game bolt action hunting rifles. Plenty of body armor and mag carriers and other tactical stuff.

The gun laws book is there, either on the glass counter or on a shelf along the front wall, and it's priced competitively.

I'm glad I stopped by!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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