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Discussion in 'LEO Encounters' started by Ruger66, Dec 18, 2010.

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    Friday was my family's designated Christmas shopping day, yea I know...late :D . We decided to go to Valdosta instead of Macon, so off we went. We carried a lot of money with us on this trip, so I decided to give OCing a try in Valdosta to see what would happen.

    We started out at the mall. Walked passed, probably, three different security personnel with out a glance. Stayed there about 2 hours. No one said a word. We went over to Walmart next. Again, not even a second glance. Left there and went to Best Buy, Books A Million, and Target. Decided to go back to the Mall. It was getting late and the law enforcement contingent was heavier this time. Passed right by several different Deputies and not even a second glance. We left there and went to a second Walmart and that is where I encountered a serious, what are you dong with that gun stare, from a Deputy. He never said anything or walked closer to me. I nodded and smiled trying to let him know I saw him and was a good guy. He just gave me the icy stare. I crossed paths with him again later with the same reaction. At least he didn't open field tackle me and carry me to jail.

    Overall, it was a very good day of completely OCing. Never once was it covered by clothing. That's how it should be :righton:
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    :righton: Great post, that is just how it is supposed to be.
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    I'm really amazed that you got away with that much at a mall. I always figured any place with paid security would ask a gun carrier to leave it in the car.
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    You mean those pepper spray guys? Lol. All seriousness though, valdosta mall isn't oc friendly so congrats they didn't notice.
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    Yeah I wouldn't be OCing at a mall. I think most malls here around ATL are owned by Simon who are anti-gun, and I think they have a policy against it. Needless to say, I still carry there, I just conceal it. Not a chance in hell I'm going to Lenox (or anywhere in ATL) without a pistol if I can help it.

    I'm in NYC for Christmas and its damn near killing me not to have my gun. :(
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    I just had an idea... and I cannot believe I didnt think of it before! My Ex love dragging me to the mall and I hated it. I should have just OCed to the mall all the time until I was told I had to leave and not come back.... then I legally could not be hassled to go off to the mall with her!

    I'm glad you had a good day. I OC 90% of the time, I know the look you were talking about, and I am glad he didnt try to make an issue. I am glad you get to have a good Christmas with your family as well.
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    Yeah... the Simon Malls get kinda rude about it... Fortunately, they don't exactly hire the best and brightest.

    btw - Sorry to hear about NY Tiger.... (being there I mean.. :lol: )
    Nice to see that you are still with us though...
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    I am glad nothing was ever said or done while I was in the mall. I don't know if they just didn't see it or wasn't concerned due to me being with my wife. Who knows...

    I would of course left if they had asked me too. It was a test to see if anyone would say anything and of course to protect myself and wife while there.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!