Alien Gear - Don't Give Them Your Business

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    "There are a number of reasons why you should concealed carry as your primary carry method. Essentially, it is the more responsible choice and more advantageous to you.. Continue reading at:..."

    They have an arrogant view of carrying openly, yet they sell an holster made for open carry, the hypocrites.
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    I’ve moved away from hybrid holsters in general, as I’ve found that all kydex holsters made by folks who carry for a living and know how to produce a solid rig can be just as comfortable without the drawbacks of hybrid designs.

    I’m still more apt to recommend AG vs their competitors for the customer service I’ve had, plus being able to swap shells for free (minus shipping out costs on your end). Plus with their reinforced backing you don’t get dreaded holster-backing sag.

    It always tickles me that op-eds against open carry try to dismiss the potential deterrent factor. “There’s no substantial proof it deters criminals”, well it’s awfully hard to report on something that never happened or that stays just in the criminal’s mind.

    Sure there have been instances of folks who were open carrying who were targeted for assault or robbery of their firearm. The same can be said for folks wearing expensive jewelry, though I recognize that a stolen firearm is more of a danger.

    The biggest issue is that your average open-carrier is as situationally blind as a person with their head buried in their phone. They are doing it for the attention/cool factor and think simply having the gun will suffice them.

    I’ve migrated away from open carry, but support those who choose to exercise that right. Just pay attention to your surroundings and don’t let that firearm give you a false sense of security.
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    I wouldn't punish Alien Gear for expressing their opinion. At the end of the day, the choice is mine.

    Even though I 100% disagree with HCountyGuy, I certainly appreciate being exposed to his opinion.
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    Respect all who responsibly exercise their 2A rights. Problem is their are some who open carry because they're going for the Tacti-cool image. That could never be said of any of our group, but it does happen.
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    From the article:
    I'm not really sure why AG would post this blog. The article states it doesn't want to get into a cc vs. oc debate, but then it outright criticizes oc. The whole premise against oc, apparently, is that it triggers (no pun intended, but that seems to be the word nowadays) some people, creating an unnecessary situation. The author seems to lay the fault for that are the oc'er and not the person that freaked out because someone was legally going about their business.

    I think that the author should have just offered the advantages of concealed carry and left it at that. Anytime you drag open carry through the mud, you should be prepared for some of it to get flung in your face.
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    Well stated, RDTM!
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    I would also add that, in some states with people w/o a permit, OC is the only option. The article, overall, just seems to do a disservice to AG.
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    Until national reciprocity passes, this has been my only legal option when visiting my home state of Oregon.
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    In looking at the history of all of the blogs on AG's website, none of them reference open carry (except the negative article cited here). Any blog that references carry always references concealed carry. For example:
    • Best Sig Sauer Concealed Carry Pistols
    • Concealed Carry Tips for the Holidays
    • Best New Concealed Carry Guns of 2017
    • How to Get the Most Out of Concealed Carry Practice
    • What Glocks are Best for Concealed Carry
    • Concealed Carry Revolvers - Consider Carrying a Wheelgun
    • Absolute Essentials for Concealed Carriers
    While it is understandable that they would have some articles dedicated to advice for concealed carry, there isn't a single article for open carry. Even their article "7 Guns You Shouldn't Overlook" and focuses exclusively on concealed carry. They also have an article "Best Calibers for Concealed Carry" which could have just as easily been "Best Calibers for Pistols" as the concealed carry impact/consideration was a minor part of the overall caliber debate.

    I would suggest that AG has deliberately taken an anti-open carry stance. Without stating as such, it seems clear that their position on responsible gun ownership doesn't include open carry.