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We now know the name of the man shot and killed outside an Albany hotel Saturday evening.
The coroner says Zemal Fuentes, 27, of Thomaston died while visiting for Albany State University's homecoming.
Now, one Albany couple says they want the violence to end.
Investigators are still looking for answers after a deadly shooting Saturday night.
It's the second deadly shooting within just 48 hours in Albany.
Friday, Javis Walker, 31, died while trying to stop an armed robbery at Dollar General on East Oglethorpe Boulevard.
"It makes me nervous. It makes me scared. It makes me more watchful," said Dana Skalla.
Her husband, Lan Skalla, said he has protection with him at all times. He carries a gun.
"Police can't be everywhere," explained Lan Skalla, "It's not their fault. You know they're understaffed, and I don't think that you could ever increase police staffing sufficiently that you could guarantee everybody's personal safety."
But Lan Skalla believes Albany has changed in the 67 years he's lived here.

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That hammer shouldn’t be down.
That is a handgun he let be photographed. Anyone who knows Lan and his background knows he is well trained and experienced in many forms of combat.
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