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Let's be fair:
+1 One of the guys was a federal fugitive.
+1 The group had a machine gun, a sbs, and hand grenades. (I'm sure no one had a class 3 stamp and while we might not like it, these are "controlled" items & the law requires that particular "registration".)
-1 They had stolen fireworks :?: (ok leave this one off the list)
-1 Explosive components :roll: (what home owner doesn't? I have a gas can & some weed & feed and a box of laundry detergent.)

Totals out to zero by my math. Was the arrest valid? Probably, because of the first two. Is it any kind of a big deal. I seriously doubt it.

Were they forced to close the school? No. They chose to and they gave a stupid reason for choosing to - the swarm of police cars.
What do they do when there is a nasty fire or car wreck & a bunch of police cars & other emergency response vehs show up? Run & hide in the closet?... and even if they had some kind of reason to worry about explosives the school was 1/4 mile away. Were they worried about a tach nuke or what?!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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