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Yahoo! News

Lawyers: Three indicted in NYPD shooting

By PAT MILTON, Associated Press Writer 2 minutes ago

A grand jury Friday indicted at least three of the five police officers whose 50-shot barrage killed an unarmed man on his wedding day, lawyers for the officers said.

The lawyers said Marc Cooper, Gescard Isnora and Michael Oliver had been indicted, but they did not know the exact charges. The three officers fired the most shots â€" Cooper, 4, Isnora, 11, and Oliver, 31.

"He has been indicted. He has been asked to surrender on Monday," said Paul Martin, who represents officer Marc Cooper. He did not know what charges were brought against Cooper.

The lawyer for Gerscard Isnora, 28, also said his client was indicted. "He is very upset, but he is confident that once he has his day in court he will be vindicated," Isnora attorney Philip Karasyk told the AP.

"I am disappointed my client was indicted. But it was not unexpected given the forum we are in," said Oliver's lawyer, James Culleton.

It was not immediately known if other officers were also charged.

The Rev. Al Sharpton said the charges marked an important first step in the fight for justice in the case.

"Since Nov. 25th, we have battled together. Today is a major step in that battle, whether it will be a step forward, time will tell. But one thing that we can say, if you stay together and you fight, you can do what is necesary to protect children," the Rev. Al Sharpton said at a news conference.

Am I the only one to notice?

No matter what it's about, it's ALWAYS about protecting the children!

Why is that? I know the Rev. Al and I don't agree on most things, but this seems pretty simple. The guy was getting married, so I'm guessing he was an adult. As were the cops. So, how are children involved?

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