AJC story on crime victims fighting back

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    "It's certainly appropriate to defend yourself if your life is in danger," said Alice Johnson, executive director of Georgians for Gun Safety. "I really have to wonder why anyone would want to kill another human being over the money in the cash register."

    Psst! Hey Alice, clerks don't shoot to protect the money in the register. They shoot to save human life, their own. You mean you haven't heard of robbers killing clerks after they've gotten the money? :screwy:

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    I wonder just HOW most people might defend themselves if their life was in danger if they didn't carry a gun????
    This is true.....but at least they didn't kneel down begging for mercy and their lives!

    Maybe Alice should read this:

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    Overall I think the article was a good piece for our side, even with Alice's hyperbole mixed in there.
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    I actually think it is a very good article and the Sandy Springs Chief's suggestion" shoot until the threat is down" is great.

    My only editorial suggestion for the AJC is to delete "Potential" from the title. Non of the examples they gave were the victims "potential" victims. They were all actual victims.
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    I will point out that a couple were uncouth.

    I think that these comment sections are important in our fight. There is a need to sign up and comment in them. But don't use anything you know by heart. Try to post something fresh and/or pertinent to the incident. I hate to read the tired old lines like, "I'd rather be tried by 12 than....." you know the one. I hate those as much as I hate the anti chant "It's going to be like the wild, wild....", or "More guns are...."

    Look we are ramping up to the Gold Dome being open for business. We can influence the folks in the middle in these comment sections. The middle ground folks are mostly reasonable individuals and crime is something that hits them close to home. We aren't going to change their minds with a "It's my right, by gawd" rant(thanks for that Tim). Maybe ask them to put themselves in the victims shoes.

    The smaller local community news sources are becoming better at getting the facts right, and are easier to contact. Plus a hit for their site is one less for the AJC, who btw didn't quote a GCO rep.

    So my suggestion is to try not to post "Hell yeah way to go", or "one less dirtbag", or "thanks for saving the taxpayers money" but more to try to point out why something could be changed to give the victim a fighting chance. Image is everything.
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    Sounds like she's talking about the robbers.

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    Oh really?
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    "We" do if said guns are in the hands of the good guys. I guess they feel it necessary to let Alice validate her position/organization.
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    Guns are not the problem, Alice. Malicious intent and a willingness to carry it out is.
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    So, is it just me, or did anyone else catch that all the people they listed as victims were faced with multiple assailants? And, when the assailants were faced with someone willing to defend themselves, they fled?
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    After reading the article I was about to come back and post the same thing. It's not the lone burglar or mugger you're facing anymore, but it would seem 2-3 with at least 1 being armed is now the norm.

    It's for this exact reason that I switched from carrying J-Frame revolvers and 1911's to Glocks with at least 1 extra magazine.

    Do the guys that still carry J-Frames and have a 6 shot revolver as their HD weapon still feel sufficiently armed after reading stories such as this (not being condescending, I'm actually asking as I was one until recently)?

    I like this quote from the Sandy Springs police spokesman (who thinks most civilians don't have enough training):
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    Wow. Hadn't noticed that. Good catch and good insight into the thug mind.
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    Ahhh, here we get the elitist spin from a police spokesman. "Too many civilians don't know how to use a firearm properly." Really? That's what you told the paper?

    Especially, concerning an incident when a citizen kills a man with a headshot? It seems to me this fellow knows exactly how to use a firearm properly and did so in defense of his life.

    This is more of that, "LEO are properly trained to use a firearm, but these citizens need training or they shouldn't be able to carry a firearm" crap. I get really tired of hearing that. Especially, in a story where a citizen got a headshot on a man, how many LEO kill a man with a headshot? Sounds to me the citizen knew exactly how to properly use a firearm.

    How hard is it to properly use a firearm? I know most young teenagers can figure out that you point the barrel in the right direction and pull the trigger, its not freaking rocket science!

    That comment stunk of elitism and a hint on citizens needing mandatory, and restrictively expensive state training on how to use a firearm, before you're allowed to carry a firearm.

    Same crap we hear all the time. I guess these guys don't know that gun control such as this all started with racist roots, and now they want to make it even more restrictive and harder for citizens to carry a firearm for self-defense. Especially, the poor, you know... the rift raft, who's life is not worthy of self-defense. Some of the poor in urban areas are also minority. Do these poor and sometimes minorities in high crime urban areas do not deserve the right to self defense?

    I'm just tired of hearing the elitist mentality coming from some of these police departments. This "police spokesman" needs to be set straight with his elitist comments.
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    I was going to jump all over this, but the point's been made. The only thing to add is that to me the article had a distinct anti-gun flavor, but wth. It's the AJC & I'm still beating a dead horse.

    But even with the AJC bias, I agree w/ookoshi that it's a positive piece once you cut through the BS.

    Thanks for posting. I'm forwarding to a colleague who is starting to pay attention and is on the brink of buying his first gun...
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    Excellent story, even if was in the AJC.
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    Maybe he is trying to limit the computer ninjas that think they can go around making (Boom!) headshots because they play a lot of videogames. If this is his reasoning, I don't fault it, even though his wording could have been much better.
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    That's quite a rant based on a single sentence. I have met and spoken to Steve Rose (and other SSPD folks) about firearms, citizens with firearms, and crime. I certainly cannot read his mind but I do not believe he is advocating what you suggest. And with me, he never came across as anything resembling elitist.
    My guess is that he is thinking of people who have never thought through things that we take for granted (when to shoot, should I shoot, what are the ramifications, where is the safety, do I have to rack the slide, etc.). A lot of us have a different idea of what "how to use firearms properly" means after we take a training class or two.
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    Without knowing the details it's impossible to second guess, but I think training would probably suggest 3 center mass vs. 1 to the head as preferable, but heck that .357 to the head certainly got the point across to the other BG it appears. I'm glad no innocent bystanders were injured which is always a risk in such a public location. Lots of input to process before squeezing the trigger in that situation.

    Glad the victim was not injured no worse than he was. Good shoot.

    Apparently Alice, who I do know personally, is a misguided idiot
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    You might say so. I emailed the author of this article the other day pointing out that other papers were reporting that the Ingles victim was a Tech student, and in light of the AJC's coverage of campus carry I thought this was a relevant fact. This story includes the line, "Ryan Moore, identified by several media outlets as a 23-year-old Georgia Tech student..."

    So, they do listen to well-reasoned points.