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Tell Her to Pack?

Well we can't just tell women to pack a gun on the trail, without explaining that they have to first get a permit from the probate court of their county of residence. Then we ought to tell them about the "public gatherings" law, and how it would appear to apply to all the restroom facilities and water fountains on the trail. I don't know what to tell them about all the school facilities they pass through or within 1000 feet of. I suppose they're OK as long as they stay on the trail and keep moving.

I suppose we could omit any mention of the "no guns in state parks" law since the Silver Comet Trail is something other than a state park, and local governments are not allowed to restrict guns due to state-level preemption.

And since all this misinformation about the "stand your ground" law has been spread around by the media, I would feel obligated to remind any person who is considering carrying a gun for protection to review Georgia's laws regarding self-defense, found in and around O.C.G.A. Code sections 16-3-21 through 16-3-24.

All that info would make my letter way too long to be published.
Omitting that info and just saying "don't forget that a gun might come in handy, too!" would be irresponsible, I think.
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